A Conversation between Teacher and Student about Exam Preparation

Here are two dialogues between teachers and students about exam preparation. This is a really important conversation between them. Every student should follow and learn these conversations.

Conversation between Teacher and Student about Exam Preparation
Conversation between Teacher and Student about Exam Preparation

Teacher: Good morning, Tara, how are you?
Tara: Good morning sir. I am good what about you?

Teacher: I am fine too. So how’s your study going?
Tara: Yeah, fine. It’s going great.

Teacher: Are you ready for the examination?
Tara: Actually sir, I am not ready fully yet. But mostly I am ready. I will complete my revision within two weeks. There is one month more in my hand, so I think I can manage.

Teacher: How many subjects are you revising right now?
Tara: Physics and Math. Other subjects are almost complete. You know I am a bit weak in math, so I am having some trouble with it. I need to solve some hard calculations myself.

Teacher: I’ve told you many times, if you need any assistance in math, let me know.
Tara: But, you were so busy sir and that’s why I thought to not disturb you.

Teacher: No, I am free now. You must make a list of the math topics these you find hard to solve. And bring it by tomorrow, I will explain all these during the school break time.
Tara: That will be amazing for me. I will be able to complete my revision faster. Thank you so much, sir.

Teacher: You are welcome, Tara. Take care.

A Dialogue between Teacher and Students about Exam Preparation: 2

Teacher: Hey Akash, what’s going on?
Akash: Going good teacher, what about you?

Teacher: Yeah good. So are you ready for the annual exam? You are looking so much nervous, is there any problem?
Akash: Sir actually, I am a bit afraid about the upcoming annual exam. I think I won’t be able to prepare myself before the exam.

Teacher: Why? What happened to you?
Akash: I am too much weak in English and I have missed so many English classes due to sickness. Now I think I will fail in this particular subject and I am so much upset about that.

Teacher: Don’t lose hope. There are still lots of time. If you want, you can still prepare yourself properly.
Akash: But how sir? I think I can’t do it.

Teacher: You can. You need to believe in yourself. I can assist you in this matter. Do you have got the book with you?
Akash: Yes sir.

Teacher: Show me which part you find most hard.
Akash: Sir I am too much weak in grammar and I need to learn from the very beginning.

Teacher: That seems so much hard. Can you come over my house after school for a couple of weeks?
Akash: Yes sir, I can.

Teacher: I am pretty much sure; I will be able to remove your all doubts and confusion about grammar within two weeks.
Akash: That will be amazing. Now I am getting hope and I think I can do it, sir. I was looking for some help like this.

Teacher: Don’t worry.  Focus on your studies and spend more time with books. Stop wasting time and you will get lots of time to play games and sports after the exam.
Akash: Yes sir. I will follow that.

Teacher: Okay, take care, Akash.

Tip: A must read dialogue for school and high school students. You should learn these conversations to get ready for your examination.

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