Conversation between Waiter and Customer

Dialogue between Waiter and Customer

Here is a short dialogue between a waiter and a customer in a restaurant. This conversation can give you an idea of what to talk about in a restaurant and how can you be easy there with your English. Let’s take a look.

Waiter: Good evening sir, how can I help you?

Customer: Good evening. Can you please show me the food menu card?  

Waiter: Yes sir, are you veg or non-veg?

Customer: Non-veg.  

Waiter: Here is your menu sire, please take a look. And tell what you would like to have now.

Customer: How is your grilled chicken? Is that okay?  

Waiter: Yes sir, I have really good quality and we are quite famous here for grilled chicken. I am sure you will love. Should I go for it, sir?

Customer: Okay, half grilled chicken with two buttered bread.  

Waiter: Okay, what would you love to have in a beverage?

Customer: Do you have diet coke?  

Waiter: Sorry sir, we don’t have diet coke right now.

Customer: Then what are the options?  

Waiter: You can have Pepsi, normal Coke, Mountain Dew or energy drink.

Customer: I will take Pepsi. Give me half-liter Pepsi.  

Waiter: It’s okay sir. Thank you.

Customer: How much time will you take for the order?  

Waiter: You have to wait 20-25 minutes sir.

Customer: Please do it a bit faster if possible. I am in a hurry.  

Waiter: I am trying my best.

Customer: Thank you.   (After the meal)

Waiter: Do you need anything else, sir?

Customer: No, thanks. Can I have the bill, please?  

Waiter: Yes of course. How was the food?

Customer: Yeah, that was pretty good. I am impressed.  

Waiter: Thanks a lot sir.  

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