Dialogue Between Two Friend on Corruption in English

Two friends are talking about the corruption of India in English. Corruption is a huge problem for our country. We need to get rid of this problem. Let’s take a look at the conversation. 

Conversation Between Two Friend on Corruption in English

Sanjay: Hi Sahan, how are you?

Sahan: I am doing good Sanjay, what about you?

Sanjay: I am good too. So have you seen the recent corruption index list?

Sahan: No, what happened there?

Sanjay: They published a new list and India has a very bad position there. Even it is getting down and down. The corruption is getting high every year. 

Sahan: That’s a huge shame for us as a nation. What do you think? Why such things are happening in our country. 

Sanjay: It starts with bad politics. When a politician misuses his power, then it gets worse. They almost legalize bribery and nepotism. 

Sahan: Yes, that’s true. I can tell you about the job market. It’s not possible to get a job without a big amount of bribe. It shows how weak our country system is. 

Sanjay: Yes, everyone is corrupted from a clerk to head officer to ministers. 

Sahan: What do you think, is that possible to get rid of this corruption? 

Sanjay: Yes, it is possible. Lots of countries are making exception in that case. First of all, we need better politician to control the country. As you can see, we don’t have so many educated leaders. That’s a huge problem for the nation. 

Sahan: I agree with you in that case. I think a lot of educated and responsible leaders can change the nation. 

Sanjay: Yes, that could be you or me or someone else. We need to protect our country from the black shadow of corruption. 

Sahan: I totally agree with you. 

Sanjay: Thank you so much, Sahan. 

Sahan: You are welcome Sanjay. That was a nice talking to you. I am glad. 

Sanjay: I am feeling good too. Take care, see you later. 

Sahan: Bye.

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