A Conversation between Teacher and Student about Education

Here we have got two dialogues between teacher and student about education. I am sure you will find these conversations helpful and they will help you to learn English and to be fluent in this language.

Conversation between Teacher and Student about Education
Conversation between Teacher and Student about Education

Teacher: Good morning, Sam. How are you?
Sam: Good morning teacher, I am fine. What about you?

Teacher: I am fine dear. Today I want to talk to you about education.
Sam: I think it will be interesting.

Teacher: Yes, it will be. Do you know the importance of education in our life?
Sam: I know a bit, but I will be pleased if you share some more insight with me.

Teacher: Okay, let me share. Education is highly important for every type of person in society. Education can change lots of things. If you are not properly educated then you won’t get any job easily.
Sam: Yes sir, this is true. I have seen lots of unemployment around me and these are mostly due to lacking education.

Teacher: Yeah. If someone has got a proper education, it becomes so much easy for them to learn a new skill. Though anybody can learn new skills through hard work, it is so easy for you when you are educated. That’s why we all need to understand the importance of education.
Sam: What should we do let people know about this?

Teacher: Whoever living around you, you need to let them know some good side of education. If they become educated that can change their life entirely. I am sure people will love that.
Sam: Thank you so much sir for your suggestion.

Teacher: You are welcome. So have you understood the importance of education?
Sam: Yes sir.  I have understood and it was a really educative conversation for me.

Teacher: Thank you so much, Sam. Take care of yourself.

A Dialogue between Teacher and Student about Education: 2

Teacher: So Naina, what are we going to talk about?
Naina: Sir, The conversation topic is ‘education’ today. But their lots of sides of this topic. What exactly we can talk about?

Teacher: Let’s talk about ‘education for girls’.
Naina: Yeah, it seems interesting.

Teacher: Yes, but do you know there are a huge amount of girls are not allowed to get proper education in our country?
Naina: No sir, I don’t know about that. It is really shocking.

Teacher: Yes it is shocking. Still, there are lots of territories where people think there are no benefits to educate a girl. And child marriage is a common problem there.
Naina: How can we stop all these things?

Teacher: This is really tough. The government and lots of NGOs are trying to solve these problems. Most of them are doing pretty good and the situation is improving a lot.
Naina: Oh, this is very good news. Is there anything that we can do for them?

Teacher: Yes, there are lots of things that you can do. As a girl, you should get a proper aim in your life and need to prove the world that other girls also can do the same if they get a proper education. By the way, what’s your aim in life?
Naina: I want to be a teacher in the future.

Teacher: Waoo this is so good and honest profession. You can teach unprivileged kids for free. We have some similar initiatives. Good luck to you Naina.
Naina: Thank you so much sir.