A Dialogue between Two Friends about Holiday

A Dialogue between Two Friends about Holiday
A Dialogue between Two Friends about Holiday

Nisha and Naila have spent their holiday with their family and now they have come back to school. Now write a dialogue between two friends about the holiday.

Nisha: Good morning Naila, how are you?
Naila: Good morning, I am fine. What about you?

Nisha: I am fine too. So how was your holiday?
Naila: It was amazing. Thanks for asking. How was your holiday?

Nisha: That was great too. So what did you do on this holiday?
Naila: I went to visit my grandparents in my village and I have spent an entire week there.

Nisha: Oh, was the fun?
Naila: Yes, It was a lot of fun. I have lots of cousins in the village and I really love to meet them. I went there for almost a year. Everyone came to meet with me and my family. This is a very good feeling.

Nisha: Waooo, this is so cool. So how your villages look alike?
Naila: It’s a small but very beautiful village near a river and on the other side there are big hills.

Nisha: It seems so beautiful. What have you done there?
Naila: I visited the river, the hill with my cousins. We went on a journey by boat and enjoyed ourselves a lot. My entire family came together for a picnic in the jungle. Overall that was so much fun.

Nisha: I am feeling so much excited hearing all these from you. I wish to visit a beautiful village like this.
Naila: You are invited to my village with me on my next trip.

Nisha: Thank you so much Naila. Okay talks to you later, take care.
Naila: Ok, bye.

A Conversation between Two Friends about Holiday: 2

Sania: How are you Suma?
Suma: I am fine, Sania. What about you?

Sania: I am fine too. So school has started again and how was your holiday?
Suma: My holiday was amazing. I went for a family picnic and visited a few of my relatives.

Sania: That seems interesting. Where did you go for the picnic?
Suma: We went to Rajasthan. We stayed there for three days in a resort. We spend a night camping near a desert.

Sania: So you have done so much adventure.
Suma: Yeah, that was adventurous. After completing our tour to Rajasthan, we went to one of our uncle’s place to meet him. He was inviting us to meet him. What have you done on holiday?

Sania: I visited my uncle and grandmother in the village.
Suma: How was your visit?

Sania: That was so much fun. I have lots of cousins there. I love meeting and spending time with my cousins. My grandmother is an interesting person. She knows lots of stories. Every night we have listened to lots of stories from her. That is a good experience for me.
Suma: It seems your holiday was also amazing.

Sania: Yeah, it was. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Suma: You are welcome Sania. Take care, see you.

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