A Dialogue between Two Friends about Poverty in India

A Conversation between Two Friends about Poverty in India 

Sahan: How are you doing Pallab?

Pallab: I am good bro, what about you?

Sahan: I am fine too. So what are you doing nowadays?

Pallab: Nothing special. There is a thing bothering me a lot for a week.

Sahan: What’s that?

Pallab: That’s about poverty in India. I found a report saying India is one of the biggest countries having the largest number of poor people in the world. 

Sahan: Yes, this is true. I know about that. I have seen lots of Television reports and Newspaper reports on this topic. 

Pallab: What do you think about that? Why we are facing that much poverty in our country?

Sahan: There are so many reasons Pallab. The first reason is overpopulation. I always consider this a huge problem for the country. Every government we elect, they failed to create enough working opportunities for the nation. 

Pallab: Yes, you are right. Isn’t there something that we can do for poor people?

Sahan: Yes, we can do lots of things. There are lots of ways of helping them. I think we can work to create job opportunities for them. 

Pallab: You are right if a person has a job and a decent earning his life will change. 

Sahan: Poverty is the biggest reason behind the most crimes in the country. Poverty leads young and kids to commit crimes. It makes a direct impact on the nation’s face. 

Pallab: Yeah, you are right. By fixing this problem, we can get rid of lots of problems. 

Sahan: Yes exactly. Now we all need to help the poor people. 

Pallab: I will try my best and I will tell everyone else. And I hope the good politicians will lead us to become a good nation, free of corruption.

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