Essay on Importance of Computer

Essay on Importance of Computer for All Students

Today we are going to share some long and short, some simple and easy essays on the importance of computers in English for all students. These essays are for every class or grade students. You should find an appropriate one for you.

Essay on Importance of Computer: (200 Words) for Class 1, 2, 3

A computer is a machine that counts. Yeah, according to the literal meaning computer is a counting machine, but it does various types of work now. The modern computer has been upgraded with so many features and it has made our life really easy and simple.

Today we are going to talk about the importance of computers in several sectors of human life. First of all, I want to mention the education system. The entire education system has been really improved and digitalized because of modern computers.

It helps the teachers to present their lessons and teach the students in a better way with minimum effort and time. And the students can learn easily with the digital medium. In the business sector, it is helping a lot to manage every type of accounts. In this case, there are lots of excel or account management software that helps us to store financial data and other information.

We can easily store our information safely. There is no tension to lose the data. We can take access from anywhere, anytime. Overall, the computer has brought changes in medical, engineering, technology, education, banking, government sectors, and many more things. It has been the most important tool for us.    

Essay on Importance of Computer in Education: (300 Words) for Class 4, 5

Essay on Importance of Computer
Essay on Importance of Computer

Introduction: Using the digital computer is changing the education system. It is changing the way that we learn something and the way we store knowledge. Everything is being so easier. The computer has made the processes really simple for us. Education is the most important basic need of a human in their life. The system of education is always changing and it is being better day by day. Using computers has brought a huge revolution and change to the entire system. Today we will take look at the importance of computers in education.  


Importance of Computer in Education: First of all, let’s explain how it is changing the process of learning. We used to buy and read printed textbooks in our time. But now, most of the universities and colleges are having digital kindle and PDF books. The students can store their books on their personal laptops.

For example, you can store millions of books in a single hard disk. There are lots of word processing software that can help you to write and do your assignment and homework. They can carry their laptop anywhere, anytime. They can study anywhere, anytime.

It is a really epic and interesting thing for all students. Everything is so easy. I can remember, we used to go to the library, buy books and sometimes it became hard to find proper books. Let’s take a look at the teaching process. This machine has changed and developed the teaching processes too.

Depending on a subject, a teacher has to teach the same lessons every year. But now, a teacher makes a complete presentation on every single lesson that he can use every year with a few little updates. It saves time and lots of effort. It helps students to understand better. This process is really interesting.  

Conclusion: The overall importance of computers in education is really too much. We need to use it properly to improve and update our education system.    

Essay on Importance of Computer in Our Daily Life: (400 Words) for Class 6, 7, 8

Essay on Importance of Computer in Daily Life
Essay on Importance of Computer in Daily Life

Introduction: This current world is updating daily and it’s being modern day by day. The computer has a huge contribution to that revolution. Today we are going to discuss the importance of computers in our daily life. It is a tool that has made our life really easy and simple.


This tool comes with a really good function and system that can solve lots of problems and save our time. There are some really interesting reasons that made the computer a must having tool on the business, medical, education, entertainment, and every other sector that we see.

There are various using the intention of the computer. Suppose you are a video editor and you make videos. You can do that on your computer, and even a doctor can check several data for a patient with some computer program. So we can divide all users into different groups.  

Importance of Computers in Daily Life: So our intention is to explain the importance of computers in our daily lives. As you can see computers are everywhere. We can’t even think a day without a computer. We need this tool to complete several tasks a day.

I want to explain this with a few examples. Suppose you are a student and you need to do an assignment, need to design a project cover, or write something and print it. You need a computer in every step to do all these things. Every educational institute comes with computer labs and the student learns about this machine there for free.

It helps them to get some technical knowledge that is important for the future. Or in your business, you need to take care of lots of accounts that you can’t write them into a notebook. You might lose the notebook or it could get spoiled. But if you store your data in cloud storage, it will be there forever.

You can take access anytime from anywhere. You can keep the data organized and beautiful.  So it’s really important to get a computer for your business. The teachers are using a computer to present their lessons in a better way. It is really interesting. The kids really love to learn things in a digital way. It lets teachers decrease their effort and students to understand better.  


Conclusion: Learning a computer could be really important for your future. If you are good in any specific program, you will get a job easily. There are huge job opportunities for computer experts all across the world. And this machine is highly important in our daily life.    

Essay on Importance of Computer: (500 Words) for Class 9, 10

Essay on Importance of Computer in 500 Words
Essay on Importance of Computer in 500 Words

Introduction: The computer is a really important tool in our daily life nowadays. The computer is really easy to get now. Today I am going to share the importance of computers with you all. It is a really essential tool that we can’t think of our life without it. It is helping us to solve lots of regular problems. It has made our life really easy and simple. Let’s take a look at a few industries that have been changed completely because of the computer.  

In Medical: There are so many complex problems in the medical industry that the computer has made simple and easy. It helps to store all patient data and it is possible to access that data in the near future. Doctors or nurses duty schedule, their attendance, medicine purchase listing, medical diagnosis, and medical research are other things that computer can do in the medical industry.

There are few computer programs that help doctors to find the disease and some of the applications track our body condition. It even helps to find a solution. Because of digital computers, experts have been able to do research about viruses or bacteria. They are understanding them very well and even finding an alternative way to get rid of dangerous viruses.  

In Education: The computer has made the biggest change in the education sector. The learning process has been really easy and simple because of digital computers. In this era, people don’t even need to use books. And lots of universities are already getting rid of printed books.

They are doing everything with their computer system. It is changing the way that we are learning and storing knowledge. There was a time when people used to store knowledge but now, anyone can find anything within a couple of seconds with a simple Google search.


For the basic and primary level students, the teachers are making attractive cartoon and media-based presentation to show them their lessons. It is an interesting way to learn and teach. Students love to learn by watching cartoons or animations.

Every school is having a computer lab and their students can learn more about this machine. It is changing their thinking and life goal. Lots of students are aiming to become a computer programmer or build a career with the computer.  

In Entertainment: In the entertainment world, because of digital computers, anyone can do video editings like Hollywood or Bollywood. There are lots of tiny films producing company are making really amazing movies using the latest technology. If you got a good configured computer with good video editing software, you can edit like a pro.

In this case, you just need to have proper knowledge of editing. And anyone can learn that from YouTube or Udemy. The entertainment world has been richer and people are engaging with the industry a lot. People are creating more and watching more.  

Conclusion: Overall, a computer is the ultimate blessing for mankind. This machine has changed almost everything. The things that people never thought of before, the computer has made them true. The importance of computers is really high.

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