Paragraph on A Picnic

Paragraph on A Picnic | Paragraphs in 100, 150, 200 Words

A Picnic: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

Picnic is the best way to make pleasure and enjoyment in leisure time. A few weeks ago I went on a picnic from my school. We went to Tajmahal, Agra. As you know it is a very popular spot. It takes 3 hours by bus from our village to go there. We hired a micro-bus because we were 10 students and two teachers. That was fun driving, the roadside was amazing. We started our journey at 8 AM and reached there at 11.30 AM. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. Tajmahal was full of spectators and tourists. I did hang out with a few foreign tourists too.

A Picnic I Enjoyed: Paragraph (150 Words)

I think a picnic can give us so much fun and entertainment. From our regular boring life, we need to take a break and go for a small picnic. A few weeks ago, I had a picnic with my college friends. We visited the historical Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan. As you all know that it is a very popular fort among the tourists.

A huge number of tourists visit this place often. We hired a car because we were four only. And a car was enough for us. It took 4 hours in driving and reaching there. We started our journey early in the morning, and that’s why we reached a little quickly.

The place is full of love history and sensational forts. I love watching forts and old buildings that’s why I picked Jaisalmer as our picnic spot. We had our lunch in a local restaurant and it was really delicious. We took so many photos and wish to visit there again. That was a fun time.

A Picnic with Family: Paragraph (200 Words)

A picnic can refresh your mind, and if you go on a picnic with your family then it comes with more joy and fun. I had that experience a few days ago. I was on a picnic with my parents and my two siblings in Taraporevala Aquarium, Mumbai.

My parents know that we all siblings love the aquarium and that’s why they decided to take us in that place. I think this place is best for a one day picnic. It took only an hour to go to the Taraporevala Aquarium from our home. We drove in our own car and that’s why we didn’t face so many traffic problems.


As all of you know that this is India’s oldest aquarium and one of the main attractions of the whole Mumbai city. Lots of people come here for fun and quality time spending. I can guarantee you that it’s the best place to see in this city. I loved the time when I was there.

My dad promised to take us there again. I can’t explain the feelings on word how beautiful the Aquarium is actually. We took so many photos there. Picnic with family is really amazing. I wish to go more picnic with my family.

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