‘A Good Teacher’ Paragraph Writing for Children

A Good Teacher: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

A teacher is the most important person in a student’s life. He helps them to build their future. A good teacher is a person who does his all teaching tasks properly. A good teacher is a really important person in society and important for everyone. I love to address good teachers as an ideal icon for youngsters.

A good teacher has some great qualities. They are very punctual and they never miss their duty. I would love to become a teacher in the future. They do really hard work in their working life. Teaching is not an easy job. Everyone loves good teachers.    

An Ideal Teacher: Paragraph (150 Words)

An ideal teacher can keep so much contribution to building a good society. They give the best service for a nation. I love to address them as a hero. An ideal teacher is a person, who guides the students on the right path. Not only with teaching him his regular lessons, but also they help to make a better character.

He is an ultimate guide, who is really important for our future success. An ideal teacher has so many duties. They do so many things. He is a really good friend with students. His teaching skill is amazing, which helps students to understand the lessons better.

In his personal life, he is are punctual and they follow a strict routine. He knows how to keep the whole class happy and full of fun. He makes fun and entertainment stuff in the class so that students become attracted to study.    

A Good Teacher: Paragraph (200 Words)

A good teacher is a person who has so many good qualities and who is really devoted to his duties. He has amazing knowledge, which helps us to grow better in school and college life. He is really funny and has a good sense of humor. He never gets mad at the students. He is really caring about his pupils and he loves them.

A good teacher respects his works and his duties. He is very punctual and never misses any work. Most of the time, he does innovative things in the classroom which helps students to understand a lesson better. His teaching skill is absolutely great.

Students can understand him very well. He acts with them as a good friend. Being a teacher is not about being too much unsmiling or a serious mood. A good teacher is always smiling with students and making fun with them. He tries to entertain the class which makes students refresh and feel good in the classroom.

A good teacher is a really important person in any country. A huge number of good teachers can change a nation. They have a really great contribution to building a good nation. Without good teachers, we won’t get lessons.  

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