My First Day at School Paragraph Writing

Everyone has a sweet memory about their first day at school. Here we have published a few unique and good paragraphs on my first day at school. I hope you guys will love them.

My First Day at School: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

My name is Suhas, in 2002 I was six years old and I have remembered a very important event that happened in my life. My parents decided to admit me to the nearest school. The date was 5th January 2002. I was really excited about the whole thing. I went there with both of my father and mother.

They brought me to the headmaster’s room. Later I knew that the headmaster was a friend of my father. He asked me a few basic questions about letters and poems. I learned so many poems and knew all the letters, and I answered him properly. Then I got admitted there.    

My First Day at School: Paragraph (150 Words)

In 3rd January 1999, I went to my school for the first time, so that was my first day at school. I was really excited about the day. My parents taught me basic letters and a few poems before and I was ready to start my school life. But I was pretty much scared about the first day.

My father took me to the teachers’ room where our class teacher was sitting. She took an entry in a notebook about me and asked me a couple of questions. I was feeling uncomfortable but I gave all the answers properly. She was happy about me and I understood that with her smile.

Then she took me from my father and went to the classroom. I was feeling really weird and wanted to cry. I found lots of kids were sitting there who are like me, at my age. Then I sit beside one and started my first ever school class. I can’t forget that day.    

My First Day at School: Paragraph (200 Words)

In 2001, I had a very special event in my life. I was six years old and one day my mother told me that I am going to school from next day. I was really excited because I have seen lots of my cousins are going to school already. I was thinking about school, the teachers, the students.

I couldn’t even sleep in the night. My mother gets up early in the morning and wakes me up too. And then I took a bath and wear the best clothes for me. We went to Snanghan Govt. Primary School with my mother and my aunty. They were encouraging me and describing the good environment in the school.

Finally, we arrived there and they took me to the teachers’ room. I can remember, Rumi madam was our class teacher. She asked me a few questions about my letters and poems knowledge. I was good at these because my mother taught me before. I answered every question properly.

She took my name and information in the notebook and let me go to the classroom. That was for the first time, I was entering a classroom in my whole life. I was really excited and loving that moment. I can’t forget that feeling at all. I won’t forget this special day in my whole life.  

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