Paragraph on My Classroom/ Our Classroom

Our classroom is one of the most important places in student life. We spend a huge amount of time there. Here are a few short and long paragraphs on ‘My Classroom and Our Classroom’. I am sure you will love these.

My Classroom: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

My name is Subash, I read in class eight in St. Anthony Boys Secondary School, Delhi. My school is one of the biggest schools in this area. I love to go there and study. Here I will write about my classroom. Our school has three buildings and our class is in the second building from the north.

It’s a four-storied building. Our classroom is really big. It has so many facilities and more than a hundred students can sit here together. It has totally 120 seats. Our classroom is really beautiful. We decorated it.    

Our Classroom: Paragraph (150 Words)

I am Nilu and I read in St. Thomas’ School, Delhi. I am a student of class nine. My classroom is really beautiful and nice. Our school is a famous and popular school. They work hard to keep a good ranking. We also work hard and do study. We keep our classroom really beautiful.

Our classroom is in the second building for the school and it is a three-storied building. The building is really big. Our classroom is also very big. It has more than a hundred seats there. But we are only 50 girls in a class. Our teachers guide us to keep our classroom beautiful.

There is lots of wallpaper and quotes in the room wall, we have created them. Sometimes we clean the room ourselves. It helps us to learn our self works. I love my school and especially my classroom very much. I love to spend time there.    

My Classroom: Paragraph (200 Words)

My name is Sheena and I read in class nine. My school name is Vikarunnesa Noon School and College. It is one of the biggest and popular institutes in this area. Our classroom is really big and wide. We 100 girls can sit there together. Our class teacher’s name is Sahana Begum.

She is a really good teacher and she helps us to keep our classroom neat and clean. She has taught us how we all can keep our class clean and beautiful. Our classroom looks really good because of our effort. Let me tell you something about our classroom.

We have a total of four doors and ten windows. There are three AC’s, ten fans, and six energy bulbs. This is such a big room. It has more than 100 seats. We have a large number of students in our classroom. But we don’t make any noise there. We try to keep silent in-class time.

We have a class captain and she keeps her eyes on the entire class. I was a class captain for the previous month. Being a class captain is not easy at all. I love my classroom and we are trying to add more things there and make it more beautiful.  

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