Write a Paragraph on ‘My Favorite Teacher’

We are students and in our student life, we met a huge number of teachers. Among them, some are really special and that why everyone has a favorite teacher in their life. Here are the top four paragraphs on ‘My Favorite Teacher’ and ‘Your Favorite Teacher’.  

My Favorite Teacher – Short Paragraph: 1 (100 Words)

Ramesh sir is my favorite teacher. He teaches us Physics and he is our class teacher. The most important thing about Ramesh sir is he is the most talented and knowledgeable science man in the whole school. I am a science lover and maybe that’s why he has become my favorite teacher.

He is very punctual and he never misses his classes. Even sometimes he gives us extra time after regular class time. We love him for his dedicating mind and good teaching skill. I can understand hard physics things when he explained. His explanation skill is amazing.    

My Favorite Teacher – Short Paragraph: 2 (150 Words)

I have a favorite teacher and his name is Nizam Uddin. I am a student of class nine and Nizam Uddin sir is our class teacher. He used to teach physics and Math. As a science student, I love physics. Nizam sir is a really amazing and well-educated person. He is one of the best teachers in the school right now. He is very strict about the study. We all need to complete his lessons within time, otherwise, he takes extra classes after school time. But he loves us a lot if we behave well and complete our study. Nizam sir is a little bit goofy and don’t talk too much. He is a person with so many talents. He used to push us for praying in the mosque. And we loved it too much. He is an Islamic minded guy who guides us on the right path. I love him very much, and I think he is the best teacher.    

Your Favorite Teacher – Paragraph: 3 (200 Words)

My favorite teacher’s name is Sania Dutt. She is a really caring and good teacher. I read in class eight and she is our class teacher. She comes to our class first and takes attendance. I love to stay attentive to her class. She is very charming and loving. She doesn’t yell at students at all. Her voice is soft and she teaches very well.

She is an English teacher, especially English 2nd Paper. She explains everything very well. We do lots of fun in her class. Our day starts with so much joy and fun for her. She is a smiling lady always. In personal life, Sania madam is married with a 2 years old kid, Ayan. I have met with Ayan once. We all went to her home on Ayan’s birthday. She doesn’t give too much homework, she understands our capabilities.

She comes very softly when someone does any mistake and never yells on us. We whole class love her so much and I consider herself as my favorite teacher. She is very productive and she makes us motivated. We never lost enthusiasm because of her attitude. We love her so much.    

My Favorite Teacher – Long Paragraph: 4 (300 Words)

I have got a very special teacher in my life. In my student life, I’ve changed a couple of schools and met with so many amazing teachers but never found someone like her. Yes, she is my favorite teacher. I will write about her today. Her name is Sheema Patel, from Delhi. I was a student of class five when I first met her. Now I’m in a different school and I miss her so much.  She was our class teacher.

She used to teach us English and I think I never have seen someone speaking English so well like her. She was 26 years old about 4 years ago and maybe she has turned 30 now. Her voice was really sweet and she used to recite poems and sing the song for us in the class. I really enjoyed that thing about her.

She was very punctual and never late in her class. Her teaching style was modern and a little bit different from another English teacher. She is an innovative and modern lady in this era. She has got an amazing personality, which makes her more attractive. Besides teaching, she used to write articles for local newspapers. Her favorite writing topic was history, and I loved reading her writings. Still, now I read her writing because she has started a blog and writing on there.

She is really motivating and awesome personality, which every school student and teacher liked. We respected her so much. She never yelled at us in the classroom. She also loved us, especially when we complete our homework. I wish to meet Sheema madam again and spend some time with her. I wish her good luck always and have an awesome life.    

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