Rainy Season Essay and Paragraph for School Students

The rainy season is a leading season in the country. Here are a few short and long paragraphs and essays on ‘Rainy Season’. You should share these with your kids to learn.

Rainy Season: Short Essay/Paragraph in 100 Words

The rainy season is my favorite season because it comes right after the hot summer. I hate too much hot, and the rainy season comes with rain and so much pleasure. The whole natural environment gets refreshed at the starting of the rainy season.

This season is the best time for tree plantation and I plant so many trees every year at this time. Most of the time this season starts in July and remain next three months. It is one of the longest seasons in the year. This is a very lucky season and most of the people love this season a lot.

Rainy Season: Short Essay/Paragraph in 150 Words

In the Hindi month of Asadha and Shawan, the rainy season gets started in India. It’s July according to the Gregorian calendar. There are so much rainwater and fresh air in this season. That’s why the environment becomes very clear and enjoyable. People love this season a lot. Personally, I love a rainy time a lot and get wet in the rain.

The whole natural environment including trees, flowers, and other plants become so much green and full of life. They look so alive and beautiful. Most of the trees get new leaves and look very attractive. There are lots of festivals that people celebrate in this season.

My mother cooks so many types of delicious food this season. I love eating them. A rainy day is really enjoyable for me, I love reading books at this time. Book reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Overall, the rainy season is really amazing.

Rainy Season: Short Essay in 200 Words

I always think that the rainy season is the best season, because of its natural beauty. Most people refer to this season as their favorite one. Yeah, it’s my favorite season. After a long hot summer, people become restless for some cold air and clear rains. At that time, the rainy reason comes with so much pleasure and blessings.

It makes the whole environment cool and looks beautiful. Sometimes it becomes really boring for a long time rain, but most of the time I enjoy the rainy day. My mother cooks Khichuri and Biriyani on a rainy day that is the best dish cooked by my mom.

We don’t go to school if there are heavy rains outside. Most of the time we go to the roof to enjoy the rain. A few of my friends dance and sing, it is really great fun together on the roof. We mostly do this at the beginning of the season.

But gradually after a few weeks, we don’t care so much about rain. Overall, this season is really amazing and enjoyable. I love this season a lot because everything gets life with a touch of rainwater. That is an amazing scene for everyone.

My Favorite Season: Rainy Season: Essay in 250 Words

Introduction: The rainy season is an interesting season among all seasons in the year. This season comes with so much happiness to me. Personally, it’s my favorite season. The whole environment becomes clean and beautiful at this time. Rain starts from the month of June or July. Most the time this season last for three months. Sometimes it comes with heavy rain and sometimes really less raining.  

Importance of Rainy Season: There is so much importance for this season. Rain helps farmers to have water on their fields and grow crops. That is a really crucial matter for the whole country. The supply of food could face a problem if there is not enough rainwater. Rainwater is like blessings to the farmers.

Most of the village celebrate several types of Puja and prayer and ask God for rain. This season is the best time for planting trees. We did a few campaigns on tree plantation last year at the starting of rains. This year I will plant a few trees in front of my house. Rainwater help tree to grow faster and stay alive.  

My Experience: Personally, I have a really good experience in the rainy season. I love this season a lot. When I was living in a village, I used to visit the field and nearest beautiful lake in the rain time. A few of my friends joined me every time. Now in raining time, I go to the roof with friends.  

Conclusion: The rainy season is a really important season in our life. It comes with so many blessings, happiness, and cleanliness.    

Rainy Season: Essay in 300 Words

Introduction: Rainy season comes right after the hot summer. Summer season becomes really boring and hard to survive. People face so many problems as a like skin problem, too much hot weather, and little disease because of hot weather. And finally, the season of rain comes right after the hot summer with so much fresh air and clean water. The entire environment gets a new life and people feel really relaxed.  

Advantages of Rainy Season: There are so many advantages to this season. Farmers need rainwater to grow their crops. This season provides lots of rainwater that helps farmers a lot. Most of the time the save water for the future as well.

Now people can lift water from the underground, but rainwater is the best source of water for farmers. It gives relief from hot summer. Rain removed all the heat from the weather and environment, that’s why everyone likes this season.  

Disadvantages of Rainy Season: With so many advantages, there are few disadvantages also available in the rainy season. Especially in the villages, where the roads are not good. The road becomes dirty and full of mud. People can’t walk or go outside easily. The transports stuck into the mud and it becomes really too much hassle.

Sometimes, because of heavy rain, waterlog become one of the biggest problems for the down areas. All the water gets stuck into a specific place and it becomes hard for the people to live a normal life. A flood could be a massive disaster because of heavy rain.    

Why I Like This Season Most: I like this season because of a few reasons. It’s my favorite season without any doubt. I love raining, in the rain I went to the roof with a few of my friends. We dance, sing, and enjoy the time a lot. I love reading books at the time of raining. When I enjoy the cold air and refresh the environment, it makes me really happy. That’s why I like this season so much.

Rainy Season: Essay in 400 Words

Rainy Season Essays and Paragraphs in 400 Words
Rainy Season Essays and Paragraphs in 400 Words

Introduction: The rainy season is the most important season of the whole year. This season comes with so much excitement and changes in the weather. In the summer, people get bored because of too much heat and hot weather.

It becomes really hard to survive. People face so many problems like skin problems, diseases because of too much heat. And rainy season comes right after this hot summer with so much fun, freshness, and cool environment.

Sometimes people arrange a picnic in this season. This season is full of fruits, especially mangoes, jackfruits, litchi, etc. I love eating fresh fruits and that’s why I love this season.  

Good sides of the rainy season: The main advantage of this season is it removes all heat from the weather. People get so much relief. It’s the best time to plant trees. Rainwater helps trees, plants, vegetable, and crops to grow properly. There are green grasses out in the fields and that’s why this is the favorite month for the cattle. We get cow milk twice a day in this season. The cows get proper food and give more and more milk that is really awesome for us. Every natural place as like rivers, canals, ponds become full of water and farmers use these water to grow their crop. Rainwater is highly important for growing crops in the field. Without enough water, farmers can’t grow their crops that could be food disaster for the entire country. So we can realize that the rainy season is highly important for farmers.  

Bad sides of the rainy season: Along with lots of good sides, there are few bad sides of the rainy season. If the season comes late, that could be really hard for farming. And if there is too much rain that leads the situation into a flood. Flood is a natural disaster and could make life really hard. The roads become really dirty and full of mud, because of heavy rain. People can’t come outside and they can’t go to work. The work power gets wasted and lots of people can’t make money to contribute to their family.  

Why do I like this season a lot: After all these advantages and disadvantages, it’s my favorite season. I love raining and that’s the biggest reason behind it.  

Conclusion: The rainy season has so much good side and contribution to the environment. It’s such an amazing time of the year that all people enjoy and love.    

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