My Parents: Short and Simple Paragraph

Parents are the best gift from God. We need to love and respect our parents. Here are a few short and long paragraphs on ‘My Parents’. I hope you will love these paragraphs.

My Parents: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

My parents are really loving and caring about me. My father’s name is Jahid Ahmed and my mother’s name is Rokeya Ahmed. They both are highly educated and doing a government job. My father is an Engineer and my mother is a school teacher. I think there are none in the entire world who can love us more than our parents.

Like other parents, my parents are also amazing. They are working hard to making our life better. We, the kids never understand them properly. But we should. I love my parents very much. I would love to stay in my whole life.    

My Parents: Paragraph (150 Words)

Parents have the most important part of our life. When we grow up, they help us to learn everything about the world. We learn our first word from our mom. I have amazing parents and I will talk about them here. My mom’s name is Geeta Patel and my father’s name is Sanjib Patel. We are from Bihar, India. My mother is a housewife and my father is a business owner in the nearest market.

We have a few shops in the market. My father is a hard-working person who works all day long for making a good future for us. We all siblings are really helpful to our parents. I love to go shopping with my father and my elder sister Nitu helps my mother in her kitchen tasks. I love my parents and I think they are the best parent ever. I wish they live longer with us.    

Paragraph on My Parents (200 Words)

We even can’t imagine how important it is to stay with parents. Those people who don’t have parents they can realize that pain. Our father and mother is the most loving person in this world, who loves us the most. We need to be aware of them. I am Sahil from Mumbai. I live with my parents and read in class seven; I have an elder sister who is reading in class ten.

My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife. I see they work very hard for us. They are dreaming big to give us a better life. They are very honest about their dream and thinking.  I love my parents very much. My father used to teach me at night and I enjoy that. He is a very good person with a big heart. My mother is also a really caring woman. She takes care of the whole family on her own.

She does almost every work of the home. Sometimes, my sister, Nisha helps her a bit, but mom does almost everything. We can realize that our parents are really working hard for us. They are trying to make their dream true in our life. Every parent is like this and they love their kids very much.  

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