10 Lines on School Picnic I Enjoyed

Picnic is always fun and full of entertainment. Almost every school and college arranges a picnic every year. A few weeks ago I have enjoyed a picnic at my school. Here I will write 10 lines on school picnic I enjoyed. I hope you will love it.

10 Lines of School Picnic I Enjoyed

1. We went to a picnic in Santiniketan, Kolkata.

2. We were all school friends and a few teachers with us.

3. Santiniketan is a historic place with so many things to learn from.

4. Rabindranath Tagore was the founder of Santiniketan.

5. We have a really amazing time there, we saw so many things.

6. We learn about Rabi Tagore in our books only and for the first time, I saw something that has done live in front of my eye.

7. I always love to be a part of a picnic everywhere.

8. We had really fun at lunchtime; we cooked our own food with the help of a madam.

9. We came back at 6 PM.

10. I will never forget that day.

10 Lines of School Picnic (2)

1. I went to a school picnic with the whole school in Sonargaon, Narayanganj.

2. Driving time was really exciting, I enjoyed a lot.

3. We were about 200 students and that’s why we took 4 different buses and went separately.

4. Mr. Sunil Mehta, our math teacher was our guide in Sonargaon.

5. The picnic spot is a really interesting and historic place.

6. We enjoyed a lot in the museum there; it has so many old things.

7. We ate our lunch at 2 PM in the middle of a Park.

8. I want to go back to this place again and again.

9. A picnic with school friends is always fun.

10. Picnic makes us really refreshed and taught so many things.  

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