Village Fair Paragraph for School Children

A village fair is a very important part of a village. I have seen lots of fairs in the village, there are a few short and simple paragraphs on a village fair I enjoyed. I hope you all will love these paragraphs.

Village Fair: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

A fair that arranged in villages called ‘village fair’. There are several types of fairs in the village. Sometimes people arrange fair because of any religious celebration and sometimes it happens because of the traditional occasion. India is a county with lots of villages.

In every village, they help minimum one fair in a year. Most of the fairs are yearly fairs. They stay for one or two days. It’s a joyful event for the villagers. They buy lots of stuff from the fair for their yearly needed.  Kids come to buy their toys. People really enjoy the village fair.    

Village Fair: Paragraph (150 Words)

The village fair comes with so much joy and celebration among the villagers. A village fair is an arrangement where people buy and sell their products. Most of the village fairs held for one or two days. But sometimes there are certain fairs which stay for long. It brings color to the life of villagers.

They feel like a celebration. All of the girls and women went to the fair to buy their cosmetics. I think cosmetics are the main attraction for fair. Besides that, kids buy their toys. Toy buying and selling is a really big business in village fairs.

Almost every kid buys their toys for the next couple of months. Fathers bring their kids to the fair. Bangladesh has several types of religious and traditional fairs and most of the village in the country follows that arrange a fair on this. Pohela Boishakh fair is notable.    

A Village Fair I Visited: Paragraph (200 Words)

I have visited a village fair a few weeks ago; I will share my experience here. That was a ‘Pohela Boishakh Fair’ in my own village in Sylhet Bangladesh. As you know, Bangladeshi and Indian people celebrate Pohela Boishakh as their Bengali new year. On this day, they celebrate so many attractive celebrations.

I was in my village this year and experienced an awesome fair. This fair held every year and it stays for two days. Lots of people from far and near come here to buy and sell products. I went to the fair with a few of my friends. We wanted to buy a few things, but first of all, we decided to see the entire fair first.

We took time and saw lots of people are the only visitor like us, they are watching the colorful fair beauty. We spend about two hours roaming on the fair. Then we take a ride on ‘Nagordola’. It is a very popular and traditional thing in Bangladesh.

Finally, we went to buy our things; I bought some cosmetics for my sister and a few toys for my younger brother. There are lots of things are available at a fair. I loved the pottery and they stuff they make with soil. It’s amazing. I loved the fair and I wish to visit again.  

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