Mother’s Day Paragraph for Children and Students

Mother’s Day is a very special day and people from all across the world celebrate the day with so much love and dedication. They show respect for their mother. Here are a few paragraphs on this topic. I hope you will love these.

Mother’s Day: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

My mother is the most important person in my life. It’s not important to have a specific date to wish love for the mother. But always there should be something to celebrate. May 12 is mother day. The whole world celebrates this day as mother day. It’s a really special day for everyone.

Everyone has their own mother. Anyone can’t say he doesn’t have a mother. If your mom is alive on this day, you should spend the whole day with her. Mothers are really special; they sacrifice so many things for a kid. I love my mom very much.

Mother Day: Paragraph (150 Words)

May 12 is mother day. This is a very special day for every son and daughter. Actually, there should not be any specific date to love mother, but this day in special. On my last mother’s day, I did something exceptional. My mother was living in the village and I went there to give her a surprise and took her into my new home in Kolkata forever.

I chose this day for taking her here. She was really happy to be with the rest of the family. I was also very happy. Then I wished her ‘Happy Mother Day’. My brothers and sisters brought lots of greeting cards and they gave all these to my mother.

Then we went to a restaurant and brought a cake. This day was really awesome. Actually, we can’t repay or can’t realize whatever our mom has done for us. We are always indebted to our mothers.

Mother Day: Paragraph (200 Words)

Mother Day is a very special day for all mothers in the world. On this day, the whole world shows their respect to all mothers, motherhood, and their sacrifice that they do for their kids. I think, there is no one who can love you more than your mom in this entire world.

Mothers are the closest and dearest person in your life. They understand everything, whatever happening with us. They just can feel it. I love my mother very much and I wish to spend my whole life with her. My mother is a very special woman.

On this day, I spend all the time with her. I take her shop. Mother is very special because everyone has a mother, can you imagine anyone in this world who don’t have a mom. If your mom is alive, you are really lucky. You should take care of her properly.

In the newspapers, I found so many amazing articles and good writing about mothers and there are lots of TV programs about this topic. Everyone buys gifts for their mother on this day. The dignity of a mother is not possible to measure. We all should love and respect our mothers. Maybe we won’t get that chance one day.  

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