Tree Plantation Paragraph for School Students

Planting a tree is a good habit that makes our nature awesome. We need to plant more and more trees to create great biodiversity. Here are a few long and short paragraphs on ‘Tree Plantation’, I hope you might like these.

Tree Plantation: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. It is a really good thing that we all should do to save nature. The tree is our best friend. They are helping us in enormous ways.

The most important thing about the tree is they give us food and shelter. Wood is a really important material for our daily life. We can’t imagine a day without the existence of trees.

If we all start planting more and more trees that will make our environment more green and safe for our future generation. It was really too important for natural beauty.    

Tree Plantation: Paragraph (150 Words)

Cutting down a tree is one of the most hated things happening right now all across the world. Deforestation is being a threat to the environment. We all need to be aware of that and save our nature. Only tree plantation can save us from that problem.

Tree plantation means planting more and more trees. When we do it, it will increase green nature automatically. Trees are the most important part of our biodiversity. We can’t imagine a day without trees; because we leave Carbon Dioxide that tree receives and leaves Oxygen for us.

We can’t live without oxygen. So you may guess the importance of tree plantation. If we all become aware of that issue and start planting trees everywhere, it will be amazing for us and our future world. Global warming is increasing rapidly and being a bigger threat and that could be the biggest reason to destroy the whole environment. Only we can stop it by planting more and more trees.    

Tree Plantation: Paragraph (200 Words)

The meaning of ‘Tree Plantation’ is planting trees simply. But you don’t even realize that planting more and more trees have a really great impact on our life directly. Here I will show you a few important and benefits of tree plantation. If we do more and more plantation of trees, that will help us to make our environment more awesome.

Trees are the biggest source of authentic food. Especially the fruits are really important in human life. Birds are a beautiful creation and an important part of nature is totally depending on trees. If we can’t save the trees, birdlife will be destroyed and the biodiversity will be annoyed.

So we need to plant more trees to keep balance in nature. There are so many places to plant trees. You also can do it yourself for commercial profit. That could be a big business. Do you know, owner of mango and jackfruit gardens make millions every year. So planting trees could create a source to make money.

The government is taking so many steps and trying to enlarge the campaign to make people aware of that issue. We need to come in front. If we want to face and get rid of the greenhouse effect and global warming threat, we need to do ‘Tree Plantation’.  

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