Winter Morning Paragraph

A Winter Morning Paragraph for All Classes

A Winter Morning Paragraph in 150 Words

A winter morning is a cold and full of a foggy morning in the winter season. Winter morning is basically very cold. The village life in winter morning is really interesting. In this season, dewdrops whole night and morning. Sometimes, you won’t be able to see the sun for a long time. Farmers used to go to the field early in the morning with their plows and cows.

Winter morning is really hard for people who need to work. Old peoples and kids gathered straw and make a fire to make themselves warm. Basking in the sun is another way to warm the body. The food is awesome at this time. In every house, they make several types of pithas, muri, Khai, and chira.

I love drinking date-juice in the winter morning. Date juice in a really interesting drink in this season. Rich people enjoy their morning with good food and better clothing. But the poor people and especially the homeless people suffer most at that time.    

Paragraph on Winter Morning in 150 Words

Winter morning is really foggy all-time. Village life and city life is totally different at that time. I have enjoyed both and I can say so many facts about winter morning about village and city life. Here I will say those. In the village, people are really hardworking and they need to work in their field always. Too much cold and fog make their work a little bit harder. But I have seen they never give up.

Farmers woke up early in the morning and go to their field with their cows. They feed their other cattle at that time. Most of the time, these cattle don’t come out in the morning. People enjoy the morning with various types of food and date juice. Winter morning is special for kids. This time is perfect for playing cricket. They go out with their bat and ball and start playing cricket. I love winter morning very much.    

Winter Morning in City Life Paragraph in 100 Words

City life is so much different from village life. People are busy here. They have to go to work. They can’t skip their office due to fog or a heavy cold. Most of the tea stalls are open in the early morning. People came out for a morning walk and exercise. At that time, tea is a really popular drink. Due to a busy lifestyle, there is nothing bigger change in the winter season. In a heavy cold, people used to wear clothes and winter is a fun time for city people.  


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