Paragraph on School Magazine for Children

Every school publishes an annual magazine and here are few short and long paragraphs on this topic. I am sure that you will like them. Don’t forget to share, if you like.

A School Magazine: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

A school magazine is a creative publication by the students and teachers of a school. Every year a school magazine gets published. That reflects so many things about the school. School magazine is a really unique and creative idea that helps students to express their writing skill.

Which build competition in their mind and let them become a better leader in the future. Usually, there was a committee that run the whole process to create the school magazine under a teacher. Students are asked to write for the magazine and the teachers select the best writings and publish them on a specific date.    

A School Magazine: Paragraph (150 Words)

A school magazine is a publication where students get the opportunity to publish their writings. Most of the time teachers also write for the school magazine. There are few students who work for the whole process. They collect writings from the students and teachers select them according to quality.

It is a really inspiring matter for a student when his writing gets selected. A school magazine contains poems, short stories, jokes, school reports, etc. it is really fun to take place in the magazine. There are editor teams who invite all students to write for the magazine, and then they review all of the writings and select the best ones.

After selecting them, they send the writing in the press for publishing as a magazine. The school authority bears the whole expense for the magazine. And then they earn pretty much money by selling the magazine.    

Our School Magazine: Paragraph (200 Words)

My name is Ashish Mehta. I am of class nine in St. Anthony Boys Secondary School, Delhi. In our school, we publish two magazines every year. It is really fun to read a magazine for me because I love reading. And when I read the magazine of my own school which is publishing my own writing it’s amazing for me.

For the last three years, I am writing for the magazine regularly and a bunch of my writing has selected every year. That makes me really happy and I have gotten so much praise for my writing from the teachers and my parents. Our school magazine contains so many interesting topics including school current situation.

They publish annual results report and success stories of the school. Few of our teachers are working hard for the magazine. There is a volunteer team who is helping the teachers always. They invite the students to write for the magazine and then they give these to teachers.

They review the writings and pick the best. In that way, we get our best content for our school magazine. We are learning so many things from the magazine every year. It is helping us to be better writers.  

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