Long Conversation between Two Friends about Study

Long Dialogue between Two Friends about Study

Sneha and Sabila are two friends and they are talking about their current study situation. Here is a long conversation between the two of them. This conversation will help you to understand and learn English better.

Sneha: Hi Sabila, how’s going your time?

Sabila: Going good, what about you?  

Sneha: It’s fine. What about your study?

Sabila: It’s not that good. I am having some problems with Math.  

Sneha: Sorry to know. But why don’t you take help from the Math teacher?

Sabila: I am going to ask him for some help. But I am too much worried about this. You know the exam is knocking at the door and I am not prepared at all for this subject.  

Sneha: You still have lots of time to clear your doubts. I think you can do that; you are a very good student.  

Sabila: Thanks, dear. I am hoping so.  

Sneha: What’s about English?

Sabila: I am pretty much preparing for English and I think I will do well in this subject.  

Sneha: That’s very good.

Sabila: What about you? How’s your study going?  

Sneha: Yeah it’s going good. I am giving some extra time for science. You know I am pretty weak in this subject.

Sabila: Oh, I hope you will do great in this subject too. How many hours do you study in a day?  

Sneha: After the classes and tuitions, I spend almost three hours a day in my reading room. You know, I have to spend most of my time intuition.

Sabila: Oh I see. I spend around four hours in study and I don’t go for any tuition. Do you think I need to read more?  

Sneha: I think that’s enough if you are paying proper attention to your lesson.

Sabila: Yeah, I think so. Do you have any suggestions or tips for getting a better focus on the study?  

Sneha: I love to study in the early morning. If you can rise early, then you can do that too. I think that’s the best time for focusing on something.

Sabila: That’s a very good suggestion. I will try that. Thank you so much for your tips.  

Sneha: You are welcome. See you.  

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