A Dialogue between Two Friends about Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Nadif and Niham, two friends are talking about the natural beauty of Bangladesh. Here is the conversation between them. 

A Conversation between Two Friends about Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Nadif: Hi Niham, how are you?

Niham: I am good, what about you?

Nadif: I am fine too. So I listened you have traveled Bandarban recently, how was your trip?

Niham: The trip was amazing, I am blessed that I have been able to see the natural beauty of Bangladesh. 

Nadif: Tell me something more, how many of you were on the trip?

Niham: We were 5 family members only. 

Nadif: Great, so what have you seen there that has impressed you a lot?

Niham: So many things. Especially the greenery of the entire district. As you know Bandarban is one of the most forested area in the country. So I was expecting to see lots of jungles and it came true.

Nadif: What did you like most?

Niham: I liked the hilly road. These roads are so beautiful, but you need to drive there carefully, cause it has too many ups and downs and the turnings are a bit risky too. 

Nadif: Oh great, so you have enjoyed it a lot?

Niham: Yes, I have. Actually I never expected that our own Bangladesh could be that beautiful. It is a dreamy tour for me. I am really blessed to see this area. 

Nadif: Waoo, it seems the natural beauty of the country has impressed you a lot. 

Niham: Yes dude, I am impressed. I think our entire country could be beautiful and green like Bandarban if we focus on Tree Plantation and stop deforestation

Nadif: Yes, you are right. And it is important to do that, to save the natural beauty of the country. 

Niham: Yes, I agree with you too. 

Nadif: Thank you so much for this beautiful conversation, see you soon. 

Niham: You are welcome, take care bye.

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