A Dialogue between Two Friends about Poverty in Bangladesh

A Conversation between Two Friends about Poverty in Bangladesh

Neha: How are you Nisha?

Nisha: I am good, what about you?

Neha: I am good too. But there is a thing that is bothering for a couple of days.

Nisha: What is that? 

Neha: Poverty in Bangladesh, I have read newspaper reports and saw some reports on Television. and I learned that Bangladesh has an extreme problem with poverty. 

Nisha: Yeah, I heard about that too. Do you know about the data or exactly number?

Neha: According to some statistic around 5% of people are living below the line of poverty in this country. 

Nisha: In a population of 160 million, 5% is a huge number. 

Neha: Yes, it is a huge number. You can see lots of people who are living under the poverty level in the slums and the homeless people who sleep in the overbridge. 

Nisha: Yeah, I have seen lots of them. I feel very bad for them. Is not there any way to stop that problem and help them? 

Neha: Yes, there are lots of ways, but sorry to say we can’t do most of them. The government should take initiative to help these peoples. 

Nisha: But how?

Neha: By creating more working opportunities. They want to work and want to earn a good salary. If they can do that, then it will be easy for them to live a good life. 

Nisha: Yes, you are right. But I think there are already a huge contribution to these helpless people in the every year budget of the country. 

Neha: Yes, you are right. So what happened to this money?

Nisha: Most of the money goes to unethical politicians pocket and that ruin the economy, most of them do money laundering. If we can’t stop that, then it won’t be possible to help the poor people and make our country beautiful. 

Neha: Yes you are right. Thanks, Nisha for this beautiful conversation. See you soon. 

Nisha: See you soon dear, take care.

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