A Dialogue between an Interviewer and Interviewee Looking for a Job

Conversation between an Interviewer and Interviewee Looking for a Job

Here is a dialogue between an interviewer and an interviewee who is looking for a job. Take a look at their conversation.

Interviewee: Good morning, sir.

Interviewer: Good morning, please take a seat.

Interviewee: Thank you, sir.

Interviewer: Please introduce yourself.

Interviewee: I am Bhuvan Saha from Delhi. I am a B. Tech in Architecture from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

Interviewer: That’s good. That’s what we are exactly looking for. We need an architect who can handle this project.

Interviewee: Thank you, sir.

Interviewer: So tell me about your experiences.

Interviewee: I have worked for a construction company for three years and I worked there as a design engineer. Then I worked as a site supervisor for a couple of months.

Interviewer: But I said, we were looking for a genuine architect.

Interviewee: Yes, sir I am a genuine architect and I have done quite good results in my course final exam.

Interviewer: Impressive. Can you tell me, why should we hire you?

Interviewee: Sir, I can understand your project better. I have seen some drafts and I can assure you that I can do that with my dedication. I am confident enough about my position.

Interviewer: You seem pretty confident. Do you understand the responsibility of your position?

Interviewee: Yes sir, I can understand. I know that is a very valuable position and I need to take care of lots of big decisions. I am sure that I can handle all these things.

Interviewer: I am happy to see your confidence. Please submit your all papers and we will call you next Sunday. Hope we will be able to hire you.

Interviewee: Thank you so much, sir.

Interviewer: You’re welcome.

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