A Dialogue between Two Friends about Their Hobbies

A Conversation between Two Friends about Their Hobbies

Neha: Hi Tanisha, how are you? 

Tanisha: I am good, what about you dear?

Neha: I am fine. Hey, I want to know about your hobby. What’s your hobby? 

Tanisha: My hobby is gardening. Thanks for asking. 

Neha: Waoo, that’s cool. So have you got any garden in your house?

Tanisha: Yes, I have a small one. My parents are helping me to make it larger.

Neha: Where did you get the inspiration to start a garden?

Tanisha: I was visiting one of my cousins in Delhi, I saw she had an amazing garden on their roof. But we have enough place in front of our house, I thought to use that place. 

Neha: This is an inspiring this. What types of plants you have there now?

Tanisha: Mostly, I have flowers and now I am trying to seed some vegetables too. 

Neha: That will be great. You can collect some fresh food items from there.

Tanisha: Yeah, so what’s your hobby? 

Neha: My hobby is book reading. I love reading books a lot. 

Tanisha: This is a good hobby, I think this is the best one. I also love reading books sometimes. 

Neha: Oh really? 

Tanisha: Yes, so who is your favorite writer?

Neha: I recently read two books of Chetan Bhagat, I am liking him as the best writer in the current generation. 

Tanisha: I have read his book ‘Half Girlfriend’ a couple of weeks ago. He is an amazing writer. 

Neha: Yeah, indeed. I have got a little family library in the house where I have a good collection of books. 

Tanisha: That’s inspiring a lot. I think your parents are book lovers, too. 

Neha: Yeah, they are. They actually inspired me to read books a lot. 

Tanisha: Good to know Neha.

Neha: Thank you, I am also pleased to learn about your hobby. 

Tanisha: You are welcome. So see you later, take care.

Neha: Take care too.

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