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Short Essay on My Best Friend in 200 Words

Friends are a really important part of life. We all have friends. But every friend is not the same. There is some special friend always in everyone’s life. In my life, I have a very special friend also and I consider him as my best friend. His name is Adil. We read together in class three.

We are studying together in class three. He lives in my neighborhood. We spend a lot of time together. We are family friends too because we are living in the same place for decades. His parents often visit our home. We also visit them.

Sometimes he comes to my house and helps me with my homework. He is a really smart and brilliant student. According to roll number, he is the first boy in the class. He has no ego, he helps everyone. He is also the class captain.

I think he has enough leadership qualities in him. If I face any obstacle or problem in the school I inform him and always he is there for me. He is the most helpful person, I have ever seen. We want to keep our friendship forever. We have a really good understanding.

Essay on My Best Friend in 300 Words

Essay on My Best Friend in 300 Words
Essay on My Best Friend in 300 Words

Introduction: Friendship is a really important thing in our life. We all have friends; indeed we need friends to spend time, share feeling and do fun. Friendship is a really crucial relationship. It doesn’t have any boundary; friendship could bring labor and an engineer in the same place.

That’s why we need to priorities this relation. But every friendship isn’t the same, there is some friendship these are really extreme and awesome. We all have that friend who is the closest and most favorite. We call him best friend. Yes, we all have that best friend. Today I am going to share my feelings about my best friend.  

My Best Friend: My best friend’s name is Rahul. He is my classmate, we are studying together from class one. From the day we met, we are always together and we have grown with really good bonding. Actually, we have so many common things between us and that’s why we have been so close.

Rahul is a really good boy. His behavior is so good. He is helpful too. When I face any problem in school, I inform him at first. He always tries his best to solve my problem. And every time he becomes successful to solve these. After school, we used to spend time together in the nearest playground.

Sometimes he visits my home and I visit his home. My parents really like him and his parents also like them. Our parents are also good friends. They meet and greet very often. Especially on any occasion, they send sweets to each other house.  

Conclusion: I wish to keep the friendship alive for the rest of my life. Rahul is the one who understands me the best and he also considers me as his best friend. We are really happy to be a friend of each other.

Essay on My Best Friend (400 Words)

Essay on My Best Friend in 400 Words
Essay on My Best Friend in 400 Words

Introduction: We all have friends and there are few friends are really close to our heart. Most of the time, we address them as a best friend. I have a best friend in my life too. Today I will share my feeling and everything about him. He is a really awesome guy.  

Definition of Friendship: Friendship is a really broad term. There are lots of types of friends in our life. We can’t count them the same in our life. They all are different and their contribution to our life is also different. Some of them may be very close to us and some of them not.

Google says friendship means a state of support and mutual trust between two different humans. Friendship only doesn’t only have in the human race; we find that other animals also understand this. So it’s a very important relationship in life. We need to understand and make good friends be happy.  

My Best Friends: I have a few best friends in my life. Today I am going to share about a few of them; I hope you will like it. I consider Rajesh as my best friend and we are studying together in the first grade. The day when I started school, I met with Rajesh and we are friends from then.

He is a really interesting guy. The most amazing thing about him is he is a good cricketer. Our school was an inter-school champion last year, because of his amazing batting performance in the final. After the tournament, the school committee has promoted him as the captain of the team.

Rajesh is really helpful. He helps everyone in their need. When I face any problem I inform him and he helps me. We spend lots of time together. Besides his sports, he is a good student too. If I miss any of my classes, he informs me and helps me to do my homework. Rishab is another best friend.

Actually, I, Rajesh, and Rishab always stay together and we are the trio. Rishab is also a very good guy. He is very helpful and he has a big heart. He is the top student in the class and he never shows attitude because of that.  

Conclusion: Friendship is a really good relationship. We should respect him and need to keep our friendship alive with our good friends. Always need to help them and go ahead in their bad times.    

Essay on My Best Friend in 500 Words

Essay on My Best Friend in 500 Words
Essay on My Best Friend in 500 Words

Introduction: Everyone has friends in their life, as like others I have too. Actually, I have lots of friends. But there is one thing, all friends are not the same. We always have one friend who is really special in our life. We address him as his best friend. So we all have one or two best friends in our life. Today I will share all the information about my best friend and will tell you who is a good friend and how to understand this.  

Definition of a Good Friend: There are so many friends but everyone is not good. If you want to understand a friend good or bad, we need to follow a few rules. Today I will share these here. A good friend will never guide you to do a bad thing.

He will always forbid you to do any types of negative work. If he becomes fails to control you, he will leave you, but never support your bad thing. On the other hand, a bad friend will help you to do bad things. As an example, if any of your friends smoke and ask you to do smoking then, he is not a good friend.

A good friend will keep you away from bad habits. There are so many ways to understand someone’s friendship. So we all need to find good friends and need to spend time with them. This will keep us away from obstacles and problems.  

Who Deserve to Be Your Best Friend?: Before considering someone as a best friend, you have to understand a thing that deserves to become a best friend? A friend who is trusted and you can trust him easily. They will have your faith with their behavior.

So before considering a best friend, understand if he is trusted or not. Anyone won’t allow a guy as a friend who lies a lot. Being a good student is also important. If your friend is a good student, you have a chance to do study better and improvise. Good students are better friends.  

My Best Friend: My best friend’s name is Ritika. We are studying together in class three. She is a really attractive girl. She is very popular in school, because of her dancing skill. She is an amazing dancer and won the district championship last year.

Everyone in the school loves and respects her. I really feel proud because of her success. She is a good student also. She never misses the class and helps me a lot to do my homework. She lives in my neighborhood. Her family is our family friend. They visit our house on every occasion and we also visit their house. We love spending time together and she is really funny. She has a good sense of humor. She shares lots of interesting stories with me.  

Conclusion: Having a best friend is really important in life. I have got Ritika and she will remain as a best friend forever. We have lots of common things between us that are the strength of our friendship.    

Essay on My Best Friend (600 Words)

Essay on My Best Friend in 600 Words
Essay on My Best Friend in 600 Words

Introduction: Friendship is a really good relationship between two humans. We all have friends and we understand the importance of friendship very well. We need to respect this relationship and need to work making our friendship better with our friends. But in most of the case, we have a special friend who is totally different from the others, who are so much similar to me and who understand me very well. Yes, we all have that friend. We call him ‘best friend’.
Today I will share lots of things about my best friend.  

My Best Friend: My best friend is Rajib, he is my classmate. We are studying together in primary school. We are childhood friends and spend most of our time together. After school, we meet and play in the nearest playground or spend time in the house.

Rajib’s father is an Engineer and his mother is a housewife. He has been raised in a really good family with a good manner. He presents himself very politely in the school with everyone. He respects every single teacher and all the teachers like him a lot. Not only the teacher but also the students love him a lot.

Rajib’s hobby is gardening. He has a very small garden in front of his house. Actually one of her elder cousins suggested he start gardening, from that time we together worked hard to make that plan true. Finally, now his garden is full of several flower trees. We are planning to seed some vegetables in the garden. I think he will be able to make the garden larger.

His family is really supportive. They care about him and give support to his works. His mother attends the class in every project or exam time. She is very aware of his study. As a result, he has been the top student in this class. I hope he will keep his performance continue in the near future.  

His Special Skill: Rajib has a really amazing singing skill. We didn’t know anything about this. But in an annual function, he planned to sing a song. I was thinking to listen to something ordinary. But in the day, he sang ‘Amaro Porano Jaha Chay’, a Rabindranath song with amazing tune and voice. The entire school was silent while he was singing. I was really impressed. I loved his skill. I requested him to keep continue singing. And he is very positive about this. I hope one day, he will be a very famous singer.  

Our Common Interests: We have so many common things, especially in hobbies and general interests. As I said before he has got a garden and it’s his hobby, I am also the same. Gardening is also my hobby. I am thinking to start my own garden. Except for gardening, he loves reading books like me. He has a family library in their house. When I visit their house I spend lots of time in the library. Sometimes I borrow a few books and send them back after reading.  

Our Different Career Thinking: Besides singing he wants to become a doctor. And he is studying really hard for this. We have so much difference in thinking in this case. I always wanted to become a school teacher. I love teaching and I enjoy that profession. That’s the only and biggest difference between our interests.  

Conclusion: Overall, he is the best friend of mine. We love spending time together. He is very helpful and kind-hearted. He loves to help people. If anyone face a problem, he never refuses to help them.

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