Paragraph on School Garden

Paragraph on School Garden | 100, 150, 200 Words

Paragraph on Our School Garden in 100 Words

We have a school garden near our school entrance. This garden has beautified the entire school because of its perfect position. Whenever a new person comes to the school, he becomes amazed with beautify of the garden. We have planted around 100 extra flower plants in the school area except for our garden.

We did it on a row with the help and suggestion of our teacher. We did this last year. And this has changed the entire scenario of school. Our school has been so beautiful naturally. It is a small but beautiful garden. We always work hard there. We give water and keep the garden safe from insects.    

Paragraph on Your School Garden in 150 Words

Every school should have a school garden. We have got a beautiful garden at our school. The students and teachers participated together to make it. We started the project last year. Our agricultural teacher told us about this and we found it so much interesting. We had enough empty spaces inside the school. We applied to the headmaster for that and he was very happy about that.

We picked a place in the length of twenty-five feet and width twenty feet. That was not a small space for a small garden. We gave water there for three days. We took suggestions from our agricultural teacher. We structured a team to work in the garden. When the land was ready, we went to the nearest nursery to collect plants.

We decided to plant the only flowers in the garden. We bought lots of plants and planted them in the garden. We did lots of hard work giving water and keeping the garden clean. Now it is a very beautiful garden.    

Paragraph on School Garden in 200 Words

In our school, we have a large garden near the office building. All the students have participated to do this garden. It was an initiative taken by our headmaster last year. He took five leaders from five classes and lots of volunteers who wanted to work in the garden. They gave the entire process to do in our hands. In the first week, we prepared the space for making a garden.


First of all, we put the water there. The school gave us the money to buy plants. We three students went to the nearest nursery to take knowledge about plants. We decided to plant flower trees only. We took the opinion of everyone and finalized to buy Rose, Dahlia, Sunflower, Marigold, and Rosemallows to plant in our school garden. But unfortunately, we didn’t get the Dahlia in any nearest nursery.

We bought around 60 flower plants and brought them to the school compound. The next day was a school off day. We 10 students went to the school and planted the plants. It was not an easy task. Our agricultural teacher was with us as a fulltime guide. Now we have a very beautiful and large garden in the school. It has been possible due to all of our teamwork.  

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