Best Friend Paragraph

Best Friend Paragraph for Kids and Students of Class 1-10

Best Friend Paragraphs for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

We have lots of friends, but everyone is not the same. There is one friend who is really special to us. And in my case, I have also one friend who is really unique and interesting in my life. He is my best friend. I am sure that, everyone has got a best friend in their life.

My best friend’s name is Rayhan Ahmed. I used to call him Rayhan. He is a very intelligent boy. There are so many similarities between me and Rayhan. He can understand me very well, so do I. We both can understand our mood when I feel sad, he also feels sad for me. And he is always happy when I am happy.

We have really good bonding. We study in the same class, in the same school. I always feel that there is someone for me. Rayhan is very punctual and he is good in study. He belongs from an educated family and his parents, both are aware of his study. I love my best friend very much and I wish to keep our friendship forever.    

My Best Friend – Paragraph: 2 for Class 5, 6, 7

My name is Natasha and I read in class six. I have lots of friends in my class and in my apartment, but there one who is really special to me. Her name is Sushi. Sushi is my best friend. And I am also her best friend. We have a really good understanding and bonding.

We live in the same apartment, study in the same school, same class and spend lots of time together. She is an amazing girl. She can dance and sing very well. In our house parties, she used to sing songs. I love to spend my time with her. She is helpful and kind, everyone in the apartment, and school like her.

She is good in the study also. Her mother is a private job holder and her father is a businessman. Both of them are highly educated and aware of her. They have a really cute family, with a little brother Susan. I love my friend very much, and I wish good luck to her always.    


My Best Friend – Paragraph: 3 for Class 8, 9, 10

There are so many friends in everyone’s life. But all of them are not true friends. And someone can’t be your best friend if he is not your true friend. I am lucky to have so many good friends in my life. But there is someone really different, unique, and loving in my eye.

He is Tamim, my best friend. Tamim is a really good student in the class and he is the top always. Every students and teacher love him very much. Tamim and I are really good at sport and we started our friendship from a cricket match.

And now, we both spend most of our time together. He lives beside my home. That’s why we can communicate with each other anytime. I love my best friend, and I wish to have a really good companion with him always.    

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