10 Lines on Friendship in English

10 Lines on Friendship in English

10 Lines on Friendship for Class 2, 3, 4

These points are suitable for kids. You must need to share these lines with your kids.  

1. Friendship is a very important relationship in our life.  

2. We can share our problems and happiness with our friends.  

3. They are our best way to spend time.  

4. We never feel bored when we are with them. They are always entertaining.  

5. Good friends guide us to do good things and that’s why we need to stay with good peoples.  


6. It is possible to make friendship with anyone out there.  

7. We need to consider a few things before making a friend.  

8. Friends help us to stay away from bad things.  

9. I have lots of friends in my school and in my area. I love all of them.  

10. It is a very beautiful relation among people.    

 10 Lines on Friendship for Class 5, 6, 7

Students of class 5, 6, and 7 can read these few lines on friendship.  


1. Friendship is one of the best relationships ever between two persons. We can do friendship with anyone. It has no boundaries.  

2. A foundation of a good friendship is truth and honesty. If you tell the truth always, then you will be able to become a good friend to others. Everyone will trust and love you.  

3. Being a good friend is a very big achievement in human life.’  

4. When we face bad times and worries in our life, we need friends to support us. But at the same time, we can understand who our real friend is.  

5. People who come to help you when you need are a real friend of yours. You need to identify the best friends and who consider you as their friend.  

6. Don’t waste your time with wrong friends. They will use you as their need and you won’t get their help when you need it.  


7. Every friend is not equal, some of them are very good and some of them are bad. Some friends will guide you to do good things and some people will guide you to do bad things.  

8. We need to follow and spend time with friends who are letting us learn more about good things.  

9. Friends are very good at learning new things. They share everything they learn and know about.  

10. Overall friendship is a very sweet and amazing relation that we need to appreciate always. It is so beautiful.    

10 Lines on Friendship for Class 8, 9, 10

Here are 10 lines on friendship for class 8, 9, and 10 students. These lines are suitable and easy for them. Anyone can learn these lines easily.  

1. Friendship is a very good relation between two people. We all have friends who help us in different ways in life. They make our life so much entertaining and amazing.  


2. We might don’t have any blood relations with friends, but good friends come ahead in the time we need them. They stand beside us in the good and bad both times.  

3. Loneliness could bring depression in human life. When we have no one to talk with and spend time with, we become depressed gradually. But friends let us spend good times and stay entertained always. It is very good for us and it never lets us become alone.  

4. A good friend will guide you to do good things always. You won’t let you do any bad things. And you should also prevent them from doing anything that could hamper his future. People are a guide to each other in friendship.  

5. Friends really care and give us a priority. When we need them they come at the front and give us so much supports.  

6. But all friends are not equal. There are some friends who become too much close to our hearts and like us a lot. We address them as their best friends. Everyone has one or two best friends in their life.  

7. My best friend’s name is Sahan, he is my classmate and we spend most of the time together. We are living in the same area. I know him from childhood and we are studying together from the same school.  


8. He is a very good student. Everyone loves him in school. The teachers also care about him because he had bright results in the school exam. He is so much helpful that helps everyone a lot.  

9. He assists me in doing my math and explains to me if I face any problem. He is a great guide. I always love to spend time with him. He is an honest boy and never tells any lie.  

10. Friendship with several people is a very beautiful thing for humans. It is a way to make better bonding with everyone. A life without friends is so much dull and boring. We all need to have some good and amazing friends.

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