10 Lines on Best Friend in English

We get lots of friends in our life. But all of them are not equal. Some of them are really special. We address them as ‘best friend’. So today, we are going to share a few lines on best friend in English for every class and grade students. If you are looking for a few sentences on best friend, then you are in the perfect place. You can use these lines on your study and examination too.

10 Lines on Best Friend
10 Lines on Best Friend

10 Lines on Best Friend for Class 2, 3, 4

Here are 10 lines on best friend for class 2, 3 and 4. These lines are really easy and simple to learn. Any school kid can memorize these lines.

1. Finding a good friend is really hard in this fast changing the world.

2. Most of the times, childhood friends become the best friend.

3. I am lucky that I have got a best friend in my life.

4. I consider him as my brother.

5. We spend lots of times together.

6. He really cares about me and I also do care about him.

7. Our families are also related, he lives in the neighborhood.

8. He helps me a lot in my classes; I also help him to do his homework’s.

9. He is a very gentle and soft-minded boy. He never does quarrel with anyone.

10. I hope our friendship will remain forever.

10 Lines on Best Friend for Class 5, 6, 7

These lines are for class 5, 6 and 7 students. If you are one of them, you should study these lines carefully.

1. In this time, getting a good friend is really hard. There are lots of friends around us, but everyone is not a good friend.

2. We need to pick a friend very carefully. If you make a mistake on choosing friends, that could hurt us in the future.

3. Your good friend will stand for you always in every bad and good situation. On the other hand, fake friends will leave you when you are having trouble.

4. I am lucky enough that I have got a really good friend name ‘Praveen’. He is also my classmate. We study together in the same school.

5. Actually, Praveen is my childhood friend. We became a friend when we were in class one. And then we are still having an awesome bonding between us.

6. As a good friend, he used to come to my house and my parents really like him. I also often go to his house. His parents are really kind and loving.

7. Praveen is a really good student and he helps me everywhere in the study. When I face any obstacle in my study, I go to him and he solves the problems for me.

8. He is good at sports too. We play cricket together. I am a batsman but he is an all-rounder. He can do batting and bowling both. He is the current captain of our class cricket team. He has been selected for the school team too.

9. He respects the teachers and elders in the school and outside. And that’s why everyone loves him a lot.

10. As a good friend, he cares about me and I do care about him. I wish to keep a really good friendship with Praveen. He is the best guy, I have ever seen in my life. I wish him a really good future.

10 Lines on Best Friend for Class 8, 9, 10

These easy lines on best friend are for class 8, 9 and 10 students.

1. It is really important to have friends in our life. But every friend is not equal. There are some really special friends. We know them as ‘best friend’.

2. They are different from others. They really care about you and they are always with you, in your bad time. I have got a good friend too that I can address him as a best friend.

3. Tina is that friend, who is really close to my heart. Since childhood, we are together. When I arrived in Delhi for the first time with my parents, Tina and I used to live in the same apartment.

4. We met in the playground under the apartment. We became a friend at the age of 7 and now we are studying together in the same school and having an awesome friendship.

5. Tina knows that I consider her as my best friend and she is also considering me as his good friend. I can understand this with her good behavior and how she treats me.

6. I visit her home very often and her parents really love. They love me a lot. When we become together, we make so much fun. We play, we watch TV, and we study.

7. She is a really good student. Even she is the first girl in the class. She is always helpful with me. She keeps helping me with her notes and study tools.

8. If I face any problem in the school or out of the school, I share that with her first. Most of the time, she comes with some really good solutions. I really appreciate that.

9. Every teacher in the school loves her so much.

10. I wish to keep continue a really awesome friendship with her. She is an amazing person in my life. I like her too much.

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