10 Lines on Doraemon in English for All Classes

10 Lines on Doraemon for Class 2, 3, 4

Here are 10 sentences on my favourite cartoon Doraemon. This cartoon is so much amazing. These 10 points are for students of class 2, 3, and 4. Don’t forget to share these lines with your kids.  

1. I love watching Doraemon a lot.  

2. Doraemon is a robot who lived with Nobita’s grandson in the future.  

3. He comes to help Nobita in several things.  

4. He has so many gadgets that he used to solve problems.  

5. Nobita is very lazy and doesn’t want to go to school and do homework.  

6. He takes advantage of Doraemon’s gadgets.  

7. But most of the time, he misuses that and creates more problems.  

8. But Doraemon always solves everything.  

9. This cartoon show is so much enjoyable.  

10. I love Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka etc.    

10 Lines on Doraemon for Class 5, 6, 7

These lines on Doraemon are for classes 5, 6 and 7 students. I hope you will love these lines. You can learn these lines easily.  

1. Doraemon is my favourite cartoon show and in this show, Nobita is my favourite character.  

2. Doraemon is a robot with so many supernatural powers. He lives in the future with Nobita’s grandson.  

3. He comes to Nobita with a time machine that is in the drawer.  

4. He has so many problems solving gadgets that he used to solve so many problems of Nobita.  

5. But Nobita always misuses the gadget and create much suspense. But Doraemon solves everything.  

6. Nobita is a very lazy boy; he doesn’t like to do his homework at all. And he takes advantage of Doraemon’s gadgets for that.  

7. He has few school friends who don’t like him and sometimes they bully him. But Doraemon teaches them a lesson every time.  

8. Shizuka is an interesting character in this cartoon.  

9. Nobita likes her so much but can’t tell it. And she loves to spend time with Nobita too.  

10. This is a very interesting and enjoyable cartoon show for me. I love it so much.    

10 Lines on Doraemon for Class 8, 9, 10

These 10 lines on Doraemon is for students of class 8, 9, and 10.  

1. There are so many cartoon channels on Satellite TV Channels list. I love watching Doraemon a lot. It is my favourite cartoon show. It is a Japanese Cartoon.  

2. Doraemon is the best friend of Nobita, they live in 22ndcentury. He has so many problem-solving gadgets. These are known as ‘Doraemon’s Gadget’. Nobita always takes advantage of his gadgets.  

3. Doraemon has a sister and her name is Doremee. He mainly lived with Nobita’s grandson in the future and he comes to Nobita with a time machine in his drawer.  

4. Nobita is a very lazy boy. He doesn’t do his homework and other works properly. That’s why he asks for help from Doraemon.  

5. Nobita is not a good student at all. He gets poor grades in the exam. He creates so many problems misusing Doraemon’s gadgets. But Doraemon always comes to save him.  

6. Nobita has two school friends name Jiaan and Suniyo. They are stronger than him and they bully him regularly. They do bully to Nobita, he comes home running and Doraemon teaches them a lesson.  

7. He is so much friendly and he loves to help Nobita. There are so many other characters too in this show. I love them so much.  

8. Shizuka is a girl that Nobita likes a lot, but other students in the class like him too. Nobita tries his best to grave Shizuka’s attention.  

9. Overall this cartoon is so much enjoyable. I love to watch this all day long. Whenever I get leisure time, I start watching this.  

10. I watch the Hindi-dubbed show that I can understand easily.  

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