Write a Report on Road Accident in English

A Report on Road Accident in Dhaka

Write a Report on Road Accident
Write a Report on Road Accident 

Samia Rahman
Savar, Dhaka

Today morning Savar has faced one of the deadliest road accidentshere in few years. Twelve people are spot dead. Locals and the relatives of them identified three people. Most of them have a situation that is not possible to get recognized. More than thirty people were injured and get admitted to the nearest hospital. Four of them situation are really critical and serious. They have been moved to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.
It was a loaded truck and a passenger full minibus and few passersby involved in the accident. The main reason is the foggy morning situation. Few people said that the truck has not turned on their headlight and it has over speed. And according to witnesses sayings the truck was going with too much speed and the minibus were coming from the opposite side.

The minibus was overtaking another car and there had a direct collision between bus and truck. There were few passerbies too. 2 of the passerby have died in the incident.
Actually, there were no traffic police and that was a huge violation of traffic law. The reason behind this accident is lacking proper traffic education among the drivers. The truck driver was arrested and the bus driver was spot dead.
The government should take a look at things like these and take some step. The drivers should have better treatment before having a driving license. So that they know everything about traffic laws, that can reduce a good amount of road accident in Bangladesh.

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