Write Better Creative Essays with AI Writing Tools

Creative essays are a challenge for a lot of students today, not because of their creative nature but because of the amount of work that goes into them. Now, there’s no wonder students try to take assistance from AI-based tools.

According to research, AI tools helped reduce stress and anxiety in students by 20% in recent times. This should tell you the importance and the type of leverage that AI tools provide for students. But how do you go about using these tools? And what sort of AI writing tools should you be using? Let’s find out. 

Understanding Creative Essays

Creative essays are required in academic writing to assess and analyze the creativity of the student. Usually, these creative essays are part of storytelling or literary studies, where students are required to show their creativity and innovation.

That’s why they need to be able to deliver these tasks by a settled deadline, and they need to be creative. That’s why the content of their essays should feature the following:

  • Immaculate grammar and punctuation.
  • Originality and unique content.
  • And proper structure and formatting.

Now bearing all those things in mind can be difficult for a student. That’s why they seek help from AI-based tools. Let’s keep going to understand how that works.

Writing Better Creative Essays with AI Writing Tools 

Three main ways AI writing tools help write better creative essays. One of the major challenges that students face is writing essays quickly and being productive. The second is generating creative ideas.

And lastly, use the right structure and ensure the coherence of the text in an essay. Here are three ways AI tools assist with writing better creative essays:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

The first and perhaps the most important way AI writing tools help is by enhancing productivity. Certain writing processes take up quite a while for some writers/students. Now, these same procedures take less than a few minutes with the help of some tools, such as:

  • Rewriting text.
  • Checking grammar.
  • Or summarizing.

We’ll see how it works later on in the article, but these are some of the ways they can improve efficiency. 

  • Generating Creative Ideas

There isn’t anyone who uses a PC or the internet who hasn’t heard of ChatGPT by now. That’s because this particular AI chatbot has made things easier for a lot of people and students; it has made generating creative ideas very helpful too. Here’s an example:

However, to keep things original, it’s better to use it alongside a word spinner or rewriter. Using a word spinner will give your content a natural spin, and it’ll make it appear more original. That’s why a lot of students use such word spinners to generate unique ideas. 

  • Improving Writing Structure and Coherence

Improving content tone, adding punctuations, fixing grammatical issues, and generally elevating writing structure is another essential way that AI writing tools help. This is one of the best ways that students and writers save time—instead of doing it manually. 

How Popular AI Writing Tool Help with Creative Essays

Here are the three main AI tools that help with creative essays and how you should use them: 

Tool 1: Article Rewriter Tool/Word Spinner

One of the most popular choices for students writing creative essays is an article rewriter or spinner tool. Now, where exactly might this apply? Here are some use cases that might assist you:

  • It can be used for making generated ideas unique.
  • It can be used for removing duplicity and making text citable.
  • And it can be used to improve coherence, content tone, and fluency.

Now, remember when we used ChatGPT to generate an outline? Let’s try that one more time:

Now here’s how a good-quality article rewriter can help:

As you can see, it makes quite a few changes, but you can make even more changes if you like:

These are just two of the many ways that an article rewriter can assist with creative essay writing. For instance, such tools can also help with removing plagiarism, altering content tones, making text more fluent, etc. 

Tool 2: Grammar Checkers 

There are plenty of grammar checkers available today, and you can use practically any good tool to correct grammar seamlessly. The main benefit of using a credible grammar checker is that it helps save time and ensures proper punctuation, spelling, etc. Here’s an example:

Notice how quickly it analyzed the issue? That’s how it can help ensure proper content in the creative essay before submitting it.  

Tool 3: Text Summarizers 

Text Summarizers are another great tool for creative essay writing as they can save ample time that writers spend creating essay summaries. Here’s an example of an AI text summarizer in action:

In a mere few seconds, this tool helped create a proper summary while saving a lot of hassle. Thus, proving once again how helpful AI writing tools can be with creative essays. 


There are various benefits of using AI besides just saving time. Today’s AI quality allows writers to create even better content than they are capable of. With all the stress surrounding a student, these AI tools can help them reduce this stress and prevent a lot of hassle. 

Thus, these tools can help with idea generation, content writing/rewriting, summarizing, grammar checking, revisions, etc.