Water Pollution Paragraph in 100, 150, 170 Words for Class 1-10

Paragraph on Water Pollution in 150 Words

Water is a vital element of the environment. It’s essential for humans, animals, birds, and even for trees. We need water to drink and use for other purposes. We can’t think a day without drinking water. Life of everything will be finished in the absence of water.

So you can understand the importance of water. Water pollution is a manmade problem that makes water dirty and harmful to use. The biggest reason behind water pollution is throwing chemicals, plastics, garbage, and other dirty stuff into the water.

That type of activity should be prevented. Otherwise, the rivers, seas and even the small lakes will be polluted and we won’t be able to use them properly. That will come with a big threat to biodiversity.

So from now, we need to be careful about water pollution. We should stop doing things that pollute water and encourage others not to make the water dirty.    

Water Pollution Paragraph in 170 Words

Water pollution is one of the biggest problems right now. Water gets polluted in several ways. People are throwing wastes, factories are leaving their chemicals and tankers are cleaning their oil tank the seas, these are the few biggest reasons behind water pollution.

Farmers use a chemical insecticide to kill the harmful insect in their lands, but these things are poisonous. With the help of rain, these insecticide washes and get connected with rivers, canals, and even ponds. That is one of the biggest reasons that are why fishes die and it comes as a threat to biodiversity.

Water pollution creates a few incurable diseases for humans. We should be aware of that problem. If people keep continuing polluting water, someday you won’t be able to find pure water to drink, and that day will be like a nightmare.

Pure and clean water is like blessings from God. So from now, we should be aware of this issue. We need to save our environment by preventing water pollution.    

Paragraph on Water Pollution in 100 Words

Water pollution is one of the biggest environmental pollution reasons. We need to be aware of ensuring safe water for the world. Otherwise, we have to face some really hard moments in the near future. Sealife is really important for the fishes and biodiversity underwater.

But now people, especially tourists are throwing plastics in the sea. And a huge amount of Whale, Sharks, etc special sea beasts is going to die. But if we want to keep the nature and the environment safe, then we need to save sea life. That’s why we need to be aware of water pollution.

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