Essay on Village Life in 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for Class 1-10

Village life is a very important topic to write an essay on. That’s why we are sharing some beautiful essays of village life for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Here is a short essay in 10 lines too. 

Essay on Village Life in 300 Words


Village life is very different from city life. Lots of people prefer this life over city life because of a few reasons. First of all, now all the facilities that people get in the big cities are available in the villages

The Internet and electricity are the two most important things that can bring a huge change. And these two are available in the villages now. Even the better road is making the communication system better. 

Village Life: 

Village life is simple and very peaceful. When someone is living in a village, he can spend his time the way he wants. There are lots of wide areas to spend time with. The air is so fresh. It will allow you to take a deep breath without any fear of pollution. 

In the village, there is no air pollution. The air is clean and safe for everyone. There are lots of advantages that have made village life interesting. The food, the living quality, and lot more things has made this amazing. 

Why Do People Love to Live in the Village?

People love to live in the village due to some reasons. I am providing these reasons here with you. The first reason is the food quality. You will find all types of fresh vegetables, fruits, or fishes here in the village. 

And that’s almost impossible in the city. The people are very friendly here. You can make friends with anyone. They are ready to spend time with you too. 


I love village life a lot because I have spent so many years in a village. I have seen the real scene of the village from very near and I loved it by heart and soul. 

Essay on Life in A Village in 400 Words


Some people find it very relaxing and better to live in a village. India is a country based on villages. The majority population is living in the countryside. Village life is very much passionate and amazing. Here is a complete view of life in the village. 

Life in a Village: 

Life in the village is full of simplicity and peace. Almost every place is full of natural beauty in villages. Most of the villages have a beautiful river or a hill beside it. It looks amazing when the village is located near a river. 

It is possible to get fresh air and oxygen here. The drinking water is clean and free of pollution. And most importantly, life is calm and very simple. There are wide areas to roam around and spend time. Another important part of village life is food. 

It is possible to get fresh fruits and vegetables. That is almost impossible in the cities. That’s a huge advantage of village life over city life. Food habits are highly important for our health and body. People live in villages as a joint family

Most of the time, they don’t break down in different micro families. That thing helps people to live near each other. It improves relationships too. They can take care of each other. Different types of pollution are a huge problem in city life. 

But you don’t need to face any type of pollution in the village. The air, the water, and the soil are pollution-free. 

People of Village:

The village peoples are the most important part of a village. Most of the villagers are simple and easy to understand. They live a very simple life with low income. Most of the time they work in the fields and grow crops. 

Right now, the village has all the facilities and that’s why people are getting educated and doing better jobs there. It is helping to improve the infrastructure of the village. That’s how we can bring a huge change in the system and will be able to stop migration problems. 

If we can make enough job opportunities in the village area, then people won’t run in the cities. It will lower the population problem in big cities. 


Village life is amazing and it’s fascinating. I am sure you will love this life. Because when you are living in a village, you are out of worries and tensions. 

Essay on Village Life in 500 Words

Essay on Village Life in 500 Words
Essay on Village Life in 500 Words


There is a different type of appreciation in village life. People get simplicity and freshness when they live in a village. Lots of people think that it’s not possible to get most of the facilities of cities in the village. But it’s not true. 

Right now the villages are improving with different types of facilities. India is a country based on villages. We have more than a half-million villages in the country. But still, there are lots of rural areas where you won’t get some basic facilities. 

These underprivileged areas should be improved. We can stop the migration to cities by investing in villages. 

Village Life: 

People live in villages with huge brotherhood. They know each other and greet each other when they meet. There is better socialization in villages than in cities. The social community is so strong. They celebrate different types of festivals such as Holi, Eid, or Baisakhi with lots of enthusiasm and dedication. 

They come together and celebrate every festival with lots of fun. They are not very modern according to their lifestyle, but still, there are lots of rich families who live a standard life. Most of the people in the village live under the poverty level. 

They make money as a day-labor or work in the field. It’s hard to manage a better job in the village. That’s why people try to find their luck in the cities. If the government invests in the rural areas and makes working opportunities then villages will be way better. 

Who Should Live in a Village?

Village life is not for everyone. There are certain people who pursue this life. When a person wants to stay away from a busy life, then he should move to a village. The village is free from air pollution, traffic jams, noise, etc. 

A person can live peacefully here. It’s easy to make friends here. People are really friendly. If a person thinks he can match that type of calm situation then the village is the perfect place for him. 

Is Village Life Safe?

This is a very common question people ask before moving into a village. They think if the village is safe or not. The village is completely safe. You have to ensure your security and it’s better to move to your native village where you have all your relatives and friends. Even the city life is way riskier than village life. 

Is Village Life Better than City Life?

Yes, village life is better than city life for certain peoples. If you compare both places according to living quality, then you can find the difference. It’s possible to build a house life city in the village, but it’s not possible to get fresh air in the cities. 

There are lots of problems in the cities that a normal human can’t solve. We already have better air, a better environment in the village. 


Village life is amazing and enjoyable. When a person truly loves a village then he can’t stay away. 

Essay on Village Life in 600 Words

Essay on Village Life in 600 Words
Essay on Village Life in 600 Words


Village life is always easy and simple. There are lots of people in the world who love to stay away from all the noise of cities. A village is a perfect place for them to live. It is possible to live there peacefully with harmony. 

Today I will share my view of village life as a villager. I have been living in a village for 5 years and I know the difference between city and village life. Lots of people ignore villages as their primary residence because they lack lots of facilities. But is it true? I don’t think so, let’s learn more from this essay. 

My Village:

I am a villager and my village’s name is Mohonpur. It is located in Bihar. It’s a big village with around 4000 people. It’s my native village and all of my ancestors are from this place. We moved to Mumbai a long time back, but we returned here a few years ago. 

We have all the relatives and family friends here. We are having an amazing life. There is a beautiful river beside my village. It’s really fascinating for me. I love to swim there. Our village has two schools and a college for education

People are very aware of education. They send their kids to school and colleges. We don’t need to go far for better education. Even lots of students come here from different nearby villages. We have a big village market too. 

People come here to buy and sell their products. Overall life is pretty amazing here. We have better roads and transportation services for moving one place to another. We don’t have traffic jams, electricity problems, or environmental issues. The air is very fresh here. 

Advantages of Village Life: 

There are lots of advantages of village life. The village people are very friendly. It’s easy to make a friend. They will find time for you. They love to chat and hangout. When you greet people in a good way, they will respect you a lot. 

Life is very simple and peaceful there. You can live without any hassle or problems. The food is amazing there. You will find every type of fruit, vegetables, fishes, or meat and they are fresh. I love to eat village vegetables. When I stay there, I go to a different village garden to buy vegetables. 

It’s so relaxing. The fishermen are catching fish from the river and you can get completely fresh fish from them. The environment is great. You can take a long and deep breath on pollution-free air. Overall there are tons of advantages of village life and I can’t complete writing here. 

Disadvantages of Village Life:

Along with lots of advantages, there are some disadvantages too. Some villages are very unprivileged. They don’t have electricity, gas, or a proper education system. I can tell you about some neighboring villages. 

They don’t have electricity and that has made their life very hard. It’s a fault of the system and government. We need to make our village able to live for everyone. The migration problem is getting huge in our country for fewer facilities in villages. 

People have a high intention to move to the cities. But we can make our villages amazing. The village has less opportunity for making a job or working space. If you want to get a better job, then you need to go to the city for sure. 


That’s all about village life. Village life is perfect for lots of people. You can match there too if you want to lead a simple and easy life. The government should invest in villages to make jobs there. It could change the entire country. 

10 Lines Essay on Village Life

1. Village life is very different from city life. It is way more simple and peaceful.

2. All the city facilities are available now in the villages. That’s why most people prefer to live in villages. 

3. Village life is simple and free of pollution. If you live in a city, you must face air pollution. And it causes different types of diseases.

4. But the air is very fresh in the village, you can take a deep breath there. 

5. People living in villages are stronger and they have better health conditions. 

6. It is possible to get fresh food in the village. 

7. People are very friendly. 

8. It’s always natural and the area is wide. You can spend your time anywhere. 

9. Village life is a lot better with no traffic jams and other hustle and bustle. 

10. I love village life very much. 


What is village life? 

To learn more about village life, read these ‘Essay of Village Life’. 

Is village life better than city life?

Almost, yes. There are lots of advantages that you will find in the village life and it’s completely impossible to get in city life. But most of the city life facilities are available now in the villages. That’s why it is logical to claim village life is better than city life. 

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