The Life of a Fisherman: Paragraph

Short Paragraph (100 Words): The Life of a Fisherman

The life of a fisherman is really hard. They are really hard worker, they are the only person in their family who make money to maintain the family. Most of the time, they can’t enjoy a better lifestyle. The fishermen live near any sea or river. They go to catch fish and sell them into the market.

Sometimes they face a hard time when they don’t get enough fish to catch. A fisherman sometimes works for a fishery where they yield fish for a company. They work as day labor there. After all, a fisherman is a good man whole sacrifice so many things for his family.    

Paragraph (150 Words): The Life of a Fisherman

The fisherman is one of the hard professions in our country. The man who maintains his life and makes money catching and selling fish is called  ‘Fisherman’. Our country is full of rivers and that’s why fisherman is a leading occupation here. Lots of people drive their life catching and selling fishes.

Most of the time a fisherman lives in a small village near a river. They are illiterate, but they try hard to make their kids educated. Some fisherman works as a group and some don’t. Most of them work and catch individually. Who has a big boat and net, they make a group.

Working as a group is better and they have a better opportunity to catch more fishes. They are really hard-working because they have to work in the cold winter night. They don’t have any other source to make money. We should respect a fisherman.    

Paragraph (200 Words): The Life of a Fisherman

When a man leads his life catching and selling fishes, we call him a fisherman. Life of a fisherman is not easy. It’s a challenging occupation. There are a huge amount of fishermen in our country because we have lots of rivers. Fishermen use a boat and net to catch fish.

Their work is risky sometimes because they have to go deep-sea or river sometime. And they have not enough knowledge about climate and that’s why they face storm sometimes. It’s really risky; they could even lose their lives. They work in a group that has a big boat and lots of nets.

Family groups are main; they don’t take people in a group from outside. They are always at work. They don’t have any leisure time. But after so much hard work and sacrifice they lead a very ordinary life, which is a matter of sorrow. They earn a really little amount of money.

Sometimes they sell their fishes to businessman and they don’t provide a good price. The government should take a look at them and give them some facilities so that they can get a better life. They are a very important part of our society and country.  

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