Cause of Students Failure in English Paragraph for All

Students Failure in English Paragraph
Students Failure in English Paragraph

English is an international language and all across the world people learn and understand English. To become successful in your job life or in order to do business, you need to know good English. That’s why in student life, you need to focus a lot. But there is shocking news that huge numbers of students get fail in this subject every year. English teachersshould make this subject more interesting and attractive to the students. And students should practice more and more to become fluent. English is just a language that anyone can learn. That’s how we can get rid of student failure in English.

Paragraph on Students Failure in English (150 Words) for Class 5, 6, 7

In our regular life, English has lots of importance. We need to learn this language. And that’s why according to our educational system, we are taught this language from the very first grade in the school. But still, there are lots of students who fear this subject. According to data, a big number of students get fail in English every year. This is shocking news for us. We need to fix this problem as quickly as possible.
Otherwise, we will get a generation totally weak in English. That will lower the chance of international study, business, and opportunities. Every country understands English because it is an international language. That’s why we need to emphasize on English learning more and more. Teachers should make their lesson interesting and students should study more and more. If they make lots of English conversations with their friends and teachers, that will help them to progress.

Paragraph on Cause of Students Failure in English (200 Words) for Class 8, 9, 10

A big amount of students fail in the subject of English in our country every year. According to different public examinations data, this information is so much shocking for us. English is an important subjectand every student should learn this properly for their better future. It is not possible to do something better without good English in this time of technology. We need to find the reasons behind students’ failure in English and need to fix them. There is an unnecessary fear of English among the common students. That fear is a big reason for their failure.
In that case, the English teachers should be more careful about their lessons. The students who fear this subject they don’t find English interesting. The teachers should get better teaching skills and make their lesson easy and interesting so that everyone gets an attraction to the subject. For the students who find English hard, they need to practice English as much as possible. They need to make English short conversations with their friends and teachers so that they can get rid of fear. Lots of practice can remove your weakness from this subject. That’s how we can fix the problem of failure in English.

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