Speech on Importance of Sports and Games for All Students

Speech on the Importance of Sports and Games in School

Good morning dear teacher and students here. I want to pay my respect for the attendance of teachers and seniors. Lots of love for my friends and juniors. We have gathered on a beautiful morning here because of an honest reason. The previous speakers have talked about the topic Importance of Sports and Games in our life. I want to add a few more words and share my opinion about this topic.  

Health is an important thing in our regular life that we need to take care of. There are some rules of good health and one of these rules is physical exercise. But at this age and because of lacking proper fitness guides and training, we fail to do physical exercises.   But that could help us to improve our health a lot. We are missing it. Now how can we fulfill that gap? I think sports and outdoor games are the best options for that. When someone plays an outdoor game, he needs to run, needs to do lots of activities that help our body to get a better shape. It makes us strong. It helps to grow the mental health too. Most of the experts and doctors have been agreed that it improves the immune system for young people. Mostly the students need to play sports a lot to improve their physical, mental and immunity health.

It makes the mind and brain sharp. It helps kids to become quick and organized. It will make your sense so much stronger and conscious. You will be able to get a better concentration in everything. In the sport, you need to put concentration automatically if you want to perform better. This comes in your real life as a good side. So sports improve your concentration power. That might help you to become a good student as well. Sports will keep you away from loneliness and depression. Any kid won’t go to under pressure or anxiety if he plays sports. His mind will be peaceful always.  

It let everyone become friends and spend time with one another. We can make new friends with our game. The bonding becomes better in the playing ground. We need to support each other in the teams to improve and win the match. In that case, everyone tries to help each other and it builds brotherhood between all. Some kids might need to burn extra calories that are possible with regular sports and games. At that age it almost impossible to go for a morning walk or to the gym for burning extra fat. That’s why the sport is the best solution for them.  

Nowadays sports have been so much diverse and it has no age limit. Even the seniors’ peoples can play football or cricket games. It is easy to play indoor games like Badminton. Badminton will help you to complete all of your physical exercises. It is one of my favorite games. Sports build our self-confidence and let us are more confident. When you win a competitive game, you can hugely boost your inspiration and motivation. It helps you to think bigger and make-belief on you. You start believing in yourself and it will bring the change in your life.  

Leadership is an important thing that we need to have in our life to get success in real life. We can get that character value from the sport. When you are playing as a part of a team, you need to guide the team sometimes with your experience and knowledge. Sometimes, you need to give your precious opinions so that the team can achieve big things. These little things turn you into an ideal leader. We learn teamwork from here in detail. When you play as part of a team, we need to communicate with other players and need to make decisions together and need to share lots of things. All these are good lessons for teamwork.  

There are many more advantages and good sides of sports in our life. Especially school students should play sports regularly. Almost all schools have their own playground and there are enough opportunities to play games like football or cricket. Don’t miss your opportunity to play a game. Thank you all so much, I hope from today we all understand the importance of sports and games.  

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