Short Paragraph on What Do You do in Your School

Short Paragraph on What Do You do in Your School in 200 Words

As a high school student, I do lots of things in school and I am going to write them here. I go to school at 9.30 o’clock morning. My school time gets started with saying good morning to my friends and teachers. Mrs. Smith is our class teacher. She teaches us Math. 

I enjoy her class very much. She is an amazing teacher. I have lots of confusion in this subject and that’s why I ask her lots of questions. After that class, we get Mr. Adam, who teaches us Social Science. I really enjoy this subject. Mr. Adam is a resourceful guy. 

We can ask him whatever we want. In the tiffin time, we go to play in the little field. But we eat our lunch before that. We all take lunch from home. The eating part is very enjoyable. We share food with each other. It is a very good thing. 

My mom sends my favorite food pizza always in the lunch box. I really enjoy eating it. After the tiffin break, we get back to the class again. I enjoy the science class most after the tiffin. Sometimes we go to the lab for some experiments. Overall my time in school is amazing. 

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