Short Paragraph on Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Short Paragraph on Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh in 200 Words

We know that Bangladesh is a land of opportunity, but that’s not true for everyone. According to some reports and statistics, there are more than 5% of people are jobless. It is interesting to see that people who have college or university degrees are likely more jobless.

That’s mean it is hard for an educated person to get a decent job in the country. There are so many reasons for this problem. The education system is responsible for that. There are lots of job vacancies where the foreigners are working. But local candidates can’t prove their excellence.

Lots of companies are moving their offices and factories from here. It is a huge reason. The amount of foreign investment is getting lower day by day. There are lacking proper leadership in the economical department of the country. Overpopulation is a key reason behind the unemployment problem.

Behind one vacancy there are hundreds of people apply for the job. To get rid of this unemployment problem, we need to get more foreign investment, need to get skilled workers and proper training for their work. Unemployment could be the biggest burden for a country. So we still have time to move on and do something for the country. 

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