Short Paragraph on Secularism for All Class Students

Short Paragraph on Secularism in 200 Words

In one word, secularism means equality in practicing religion. As an example, India is a secular nation. In this country, every religion is equal. People of every religion can live here together with brotherhood harmony. Our constitution is giving us this direction. We may have seen some states these are based on a specific religion and also have seen some states based on secularism.

In secular states, people are allowed to practice all types of religious activities. They will be treated the same as other religions. Secularism doesn’t decline the existence of religion or God. It just gives all the people equal opportunities and benefits.

 Practicing secularism is a great thing for any nation. A secular nation is free from every type of religious conflict. People can practice everything according to their own interests in a secular state. It is very good for us that we are living in India, a secular state.

Secularism ensures that any specific religion doesn’t get extra benefits in the country. Before getting any service, it shouldn’t be asked what a person’s religion is. If he is a citizen of the secular state, that’s enough for the equality. Overall, secularism is a very good thing for all countries. I think every country should practice this.

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