Short Paragraph on Save Trees in 200 Words

Short Paragraph on Save Trees for All Class Students

We can’t describe all the importance of trees in our life. It is a boon of nature. It has lots of direct impact on life. The most important thing is oxygen for us that we get from the trees. Without oxygen, it is not possible to breathe. We leave carbon dioxide that the trees take.

But in this modern time, the amount of jungle and green places is decreasing. There are lots of reasons behind that. The biggest reason is the increase in population all across the world. The bigger population needs more space to live and that’s why they are cutting down trees and making houses, villages and even cities.

If we can’t be aware enough about this issue, then it will be a big nature threat for us. Trees directly combat global warming and keep the climate normal. Climate change is going to be one of the biggest problems in the modern world.  We can get rid of this problem by saving trees.

We all can save trees with some small initiative. We need to stop cutting down trees. And if anyone cut trees illegally then the police should take a proper step against him. Most importantly we need to plant more and more beautiful trees to make our environment amazing.

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