Short Paragraph on Pass Time or Leisure Period for Kids

As a student, I get free time sometimes and I do some exciting things to pass that time. I never want to waste any time in my life. That’s why whatever I do, I want to use the time properly. First of all, I am a computer lover. When I get time, I spend time learning new things about the computer.

I know the current world is based on technology and I need to know the computer to get a better job and future. I have two books where there are different types of lessons about computers. We have a small garden in front of our house.

I work there with my father. I mostly help him to do the main works. I am a book lover too. I have a huge collection of books in my home. My parents also encourage me to read lots of books. It has been my hobby to read books. That’s why I try to read quality books when I am free.

That’s how I spend my pass time. I don’t want to waste all the time playing video games or going out with friends. I want to do something that helps me to grow better in the future.

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