Short Paragraph on Pahela Baishakh

Short Paragraph on Pahela Baishakh in 200 Words

Short Paragraph on Pahela Baishakh for All Students

Pahela Baishakh is the first day of the Bengali year. Simply it is Bengali New Year. This is one of the biggest celebrations for Bengalis all across the world. There are so many rituals and beliefs regarding this festival. Most of the time it falls in the middle of April. People from rural areas celebrate this day with lots of fun. It is a colorful day in Bengali life. The celebration gets started in the morning by eating Pantha-Ilish. People give water to rice at night and eat it in the morning with Hilsa fish. Then everyone gets ready to visit the Baishakhi Mela or Fair.

Almost every district has a large fair there. You will find lots of villages fairs too. People wear new clothes and greet each other. The business owners arrange Halkhata and invite all of their existing customers to eat sweets. In the capital city of Dhaka, the celebration is huge. The university students arrange a big Baishakhi rally where they carry lots of statues related to our culture. People wear masks and wear colorful clothes. Girls mostly wear white and red saree and boys wear red and white Punjabi. This festival brings people together. It is an amazing celebration in Bengali life.

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