Short Paragraph on My Younger Sister

Short Paragraph on My Younger Sister for All Class Students

I have a younger sister and her name is Maria. She is a student of class two and she is so smart. She is the youngest member of our family. Among my two other siblings, we are a big family. Maria could be little but she is the most important part of the family. Everyone loves her a lot. She prefers spending most of her time with me and my grandmother. Maria is a very good student.

She has ranked number one in her class this year and improving gradually. She can recite poems. The most important thing about her is she is a great learner. She can learn anything very quickly. Sometimes she dances and sings songs. I love her attitude and everything. As a younger sister, she gets all the attention and love. Though she is very little, sometimes she acts like an elder person.

She goes to the kitchen to help my mother in cooking. She always keeps the entire house entertained. She sleeps with grandma at night. She loves eating ice cream a lot. But mostly I don’t let her eat ice cream too much. Overall she is like an angel in the family. We all love her a lot.

Short Paragraph on My Younger Sister in 200 Words

I have a little sister and her name is Sohana Khan. She is six years old and she reads in class one. She is a beautiful and cute girl. I love my younger sister so much. She is an entertaining girl who keeps the entire house energetic with her loudness.

She spends most of her day time in school. When she gets back home at noon, she loves to spend time watching Television or playing a game with me. Sometimes she spends time with my grandmother. But she mostly loves to spend time playing games on the computer.

Sohana is a very talented girl. She has come first in her class in the last test. She is improving in her studies very well. She has got amazing drawing skills. From her childhood, she loved to draw anything. Now she has improved a lot with a drawing class. She has got so many family painting of us.

Sometimes she loves to go out with me. We walk together and I buy her ice cream. Ice cream is her favorite food. Except, she loves eating chocolate a lot. I try to get some chocolate cake for her. She is a very lovely girl. I love my sister very much.  

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