Short Paragraph on My Idol

Short Paragraph on My Idol in 280 Words

Everyone has a hero or idol in their life. I have one too. Some people might follow a footballer, a politician, an actor or a writer as their idol. But in my case, none of them are my idol. My idol is my father. There are so many reasons behind that. My father is the person who has the biggest contribution to my life. He is a businessman. He has a very inspiring story behind. He came from a very ordinary family. Even his family refused to let him does higher study in the city. It was not affordable for them. They wanted my father to join their family business, like farming. But my dad wanted to study more. And that’s why he came to the city with ambition. He got a part-time job and started to make money for his studies. It was really hard for someone. But he still managed to do brilliant results. After his graduation, he joined a multinational company. He worked there for almost four years and thought to start something himself own. He decided to start the fabric business and collected funds for that. He was able to grab the attention of some top investors of the country. Then he took a risk and dive into the new business. After so many years, now he is still doing amazing in his business. At that time, he got married and now we are a family of five members. He managed everything so well. My mother is also very proud and happy for him. I think he is the perfect idol for me and that’s why I consider my father as my idol.  

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