Short Paragraph on My Grandmother for Kids and Students

My grandmother lives with us. She is 78 years old now. At that age, she still can walk and do some little works properly. Her name is Sahana Begum. In her young time, she was a school teacher. She worked hard for the family. We all love her a lot and she loves us too.

I love spending time with her because she knows lots of different beautiful stories. These stories really impress me. Sometimes she goes to the kitchen and cooks food for us. She can prepare really delicious food. I can guess that she was an amazing cook in her time.

She loves to go out for a morning walk sometimes. She is an educated and polite lady. Some of my cousins stay in the city and they visit us twice a year. We spend a great time together with grandma. She becomes more active at that time and shares lots of stories with us.

We really enjoy her stories. She was a good writer and she still tries to write sometime. Every member of the family respect her and before taking any kinds of the decision they take suggestion from her. I love her a lot and I know she loves me a lot too.

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