Short Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher

Short Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher in 200 Words

In my student life, I have passed lots of teachers. We all have to face lots of them. But some of them are very special in our life. We can never forget their contribution. Today I will tell about my favorite teacher who is very special to me in my life. His name is Sahan Ahmed. He is our English teacher in high school. I was weak in English but he was the man who always inspired me to learn English in a better way and I was succeeding. He was a very smart person. He is around 40 years old. His educational qualification is M.A. in English. He is very popular among the students and teachers in school. Everyone loves him and loves his guidance. His teaching skill is very entertaining. Everyone loves to attend his class. I never miss his class. When we need to learn something from him, we can go to him directly and ask him. He is so much friendly. He has a very good understanding with the students. He never yells at the students. He is a wise and talented person. We all love him very much. I don’t think I have seen such an amazing personality in my life. That’s why he is my favorite teacher.  

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