Short Paragraph on My Favorite TV Programme

Short Paragraph on My Favorite TV Programme in 200 Words

Television is a very important invention of science. It has added so much information and entertainment to human life. We can use Television for different purposes. Some people love to see different types of TV Programmes. I also watch TV a lot. And today I am sharing my favorite program.

There are more than 200 Indian TV Channels that I can access from my home. I watch some channels with a few good shows and programs. I am a bit connected with dance and music and that’s why I mostly see these types of shows. Recently there is a show named ‘Dance Plus’ on the channel ‘Star Plus’, I am loving this show very much.

That show is completely dedicated to dance and it was started in 2015. The tagline for this show is ‘Ise Kehte Hain Dance’. Till now there are five seasons that have been seen for this show. We have seen tons of dance celebrities have been brought in life through this show.

I found this program as one of the best dance shows in the world. It has been a great medium to express your dancing capabilities to the world. I love this TV program a lot and it’s my favorite one. 

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