Short Paragraph on My Favorite Food Pizza for Students

Short Paragraph on My Favorite Food Pizza in 200 Words

I love eating pizza a lot. It is my favorite food. My mother is the person who makes pizza for me. There are different types of pizza but I love cheese pizza mostly. Because I think these types of Pizzas are healthy and give me strength. Eating a lot of pizza is not good for health. 

But I always love to eat a lot of them. My parents scold me sometimes for that. But it is really hard to avoid pizza for me. It is like a drug to me. Pizza is mainly Italian food, but now it’s popular worldwide. 

Lots of my friends love to eat pizza too. And sometimes we eat together in some restaurants. While we hang out, I love to have pizza there. I tried to make it myself, but I found it really hard. I didn’t have the proper ingredients to do that. I prefer buying it or made by my mom. 

Though it is part of junk food, still, I love eating it a lot. When I see my favorite pizza in front of me, I feel so much hungry. I think I have a unique and different relation with Pizza. That’s why Pizza is my favorite food. 

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